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After making payment, when can I expect the job post to go live?

The approval is usually granted within an hour but can take upto 24 hours on a busy day.

For how many days the job post stays on the homepage?

It starts with on the top and keeps going down as the new job posts arrive. Usually, it stays on the homepage for a day or two unless it's an featured job post.

If needed, is there a way to edit the job post when it's live?

Yes, you can surely edit the job post as and when needed. You will receive an email with the edit link once the job post is approved.

Can I save the form and come back later to finish it off?

Yes, absolutely! I know forms can be tiring and that's why there is an option to save form. Just click on Save Draft and copy the link provided. Once done, you can use the link to come back and pick up where you left off.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, that's a NO. Although, what I can do is to provide you with an extended listing or a discount on the next one on a per-case basis.

For making the payment, what options do I have?

Remotify uses Paddle as it's payment processor and it comes with variety of options for making the payment. You can use your Local or International Debit & Credit cards along with other options.

Any discounts available?

We all love discounts. Don't we? You can email me asking for a discount and I will do my best to offer you a good one.

For how long does the job post stays live?

It stays live for 30-45 days unless extended by you.

Once done, how can I remove the job post?

Manage link for the job post can be used to remove it as well. Alternatively, you can also email me and it will be taken care of.

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