High level .net core C# developer for an API project


Back end developer required:
Main responsibilities
  • To work alongside (virtually) an existing development team (lead developer on back end mostly, and a front end developer).
  • Focus on back end development following team standards on an ongoing project.
  • Must follow existing standards, and work under our lead developer.
  • Help out building additional API features and providing help to our existing developer to meet deadlines, using .net core.
  • Help with bug fixes, over the final testing phase
  • Must be aware of security and well experienced on best coding practice
  • High standards are needed
  • Potential help on integrations to external API systems
  • Must work well under pressure for the short term duration
  • Must be able to work a minimum 7 hour days, 5 days week
  • Daily standup required in the morning, and end of day quick completion report (few lines)
  • Familiar with DevOps, and Github integration
  • To advise based on experience, best security and design practice a cloud application.
  • Project is .net-core, C#, React front end, SQL back end, all in Azure.
Knowledge, skills and experience
  • Highly experienced in software development, but more importantly up to date with the latest frameworks.
  • Familiar with Redux, and aware of React (although not required to code the front end)
  • Aware of security in Software and best practice.
  • Strong knowledge of state management like Redux and Redux thunk
  • Experience with PWA apps.
  • Highly motivated and high energic enthusiasm.
  • Self sufficient and good time management
  • Flexible with changes
  • Capable to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • A solution driven attitude.
  • Team spirited.
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