Business Intelligence Developer - [Remote] - [Norway]


Here at Crisp, we value the strength in teamwork, and strongly believe that it’s the key to Crisp’s success. By bringing together bright, motivated creators, wherever they live and work, we are leveraging humanity’s diversity of experience and background in order to understand the challenges facing our food supply, and solve them together. Come join us, and help build the type of business you’d like to be a part of.
We are a socially conscious, distributed team. We give you the opportunity to solve challenges in the global food industry while living where you’re most comfortable and working in areas where you can help foster and grow the community that you are a part of.
We believe in transparency, diversity, merit and fostering a culture of empowerment, personal impact and career growth. As a Business Intelligence developer at Crisp, you will help untap the potential of our customers’ data using modern BI Technology. Being part of the engineering team, you will not only help clients leverage our data platform, you will also help evolve the platform itself by being a subject matter expert, involved in the platform product development. 
This is an evolving role with ample opportunity for growth if you play to your strengths. Whether you are coming from a startup or corporate background, you appreciate how much impact there is to be had in smaller organizations and you relish the ability to shape your own role and the future of the company.
Signs of a great candidate for Crisp
  • Collaborative. You know that your colleagues’ perspectives will make our customers successful. Similarly, you use your strengths to help us grow together. You propose ways for us to be more engaged and successful with our customers.
  • Customer focused. Our customers are at the forefront of your day.  You prioritize our customers’ voice to ensure their needs are met. 
  • Ambitious, curious, and resourceful. You are innately curious, and you aren’t afraid to work hard. You are self driven, you take direction well but are able to be creative to find results on your own when asked. You are driven to succeed because your hard work and results make you proud.
  • Disciplined and reliable.  We are a distributed company and you enjoy the benefits of working distributed while consistently delivering what you have committed to. When you hit a snag, you communicate and reset expectations early.
  • Appreciative of honest feedback.  You know that the best way to learn and grow is through constructive feedback delivered kindly. You view feedback given to you as an opportunity to get better and strive to do the same for others.
  • Work smarter and harder. You often identify a problem, create a solution and bring it to a state of completion - with others, or even on your own.  You find ways of eliminating or automating stuff that is uninteresting or wasteful.
Signs of a great candidate for a Business Intelligence developer 
  • Focus on the business problem. You are passionate about using visualizations to tell stories and glean actionable insights. In order to tell the story the right way, you need to understand how the business works and how to communicate what to the different stakeholders.
  • A strong sense of aesthetics and user experience. You feel strongly about not just making Business Intelligence visually appealing, but also ensuring that it’s easy to learn and a pleasure to use.
  • Deep tooling expertise. Many BI tools have a point and click design layer, but you have a deep understanding of the modeling layer and how it finally interacts with the underlying data store.  
Crisp’ Business Intelligence Stack
  • Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The fundamentals of the Crisp Data Platform is built on the Google Cloud Platform and primary data warehouse is Google BigQuery. Many of our customers use Microsoft Azure technologies and we are therefore deeply integrated with Azure technologies such as Synapse, Analysis Services and PowerBI Premium.
  • Looker and Microsoft PowerBI. The Business Intelligence tooling follows a similar approach. We embed both Looker and PowerBI capabilities into our platform, depending on our customers’ needs.
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