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The internet has democratized Information but billions of people still dream of financial equality. At IOV Labs we are planting the seeds for a new global economy.Our low-cost, highly secure, easy to use platforms harness and extend the power of Bitcoin giving everyone the tools to create and protect wealth on an international scale. With our platforms RSK, RIF and Taringa people everywhere will have the power to create and manage digital identity, build reputations, enforce agreements and engage in commercial transactions without intermediaries.We dream of a world in which individuals control their data and privacy, participate in a sharing economy and thrive. Join our team to be part of the next technological revolution and help us build the Internet of the Future.
We are looking for developers to join a team of high qualification and technical excellence for one of the most challenging projects in the Bitcoin and FinTech industry worldwide.
Our CORE Team is responsible for developing the node of the IOVlabs smart contract platform and seeks to incorporate experienced developers who:
  • Want to put into practice theoretical knowledge of Computing (from writing complex data structures to designing critical algorithms for network performance).
  • Have an interest in thinking and evolving the architecture of our software to make it robust and maintainable
  • Value refactoring and continuously improve the code.
  • Enjoy writing code and working at a low level when necessary.
Our code is open-source, and the revision of changes is done publicly in Github. We are committed to contributing to the community and value those who like to do so. The company is remote-friendly, but we need you to have availability to come to our office in Palermo when needed. We find that many of our most fruitful discussions occur when we come together to think together about the challenges that lie ahead.
As part of the CORE Team you will have the following responsibilities:
  • Actively participate during the product design phases, analyzing requirements and proposing innovative and alternative solutions.
  • Collaborate on architecture definitions, always thinking of solutions that are scalable and secure.
  • Program quality code, with emphasis on correctness of implementation.
  • Collaborate in the evolutionary maintenance of the product.
  • Design, document, automate and execute test plans.
  • Participate in the process of generating and analyzing user stories.
Technical Requirements of the position:
  • English mandatory
  • Proven experience in application development and evolution of the same product.
  • Work experience in development teams with an iterative approach, dividing long-term objectives into incremental milestones.
  • Advanced knowledge in object-oriented programming language (preferably, but not mandatory, experience in Java)
  • Ability to permanently learn from new technologies.
Bonus Points:
  • Knowledge of blockchain technology.
  • Computer security knowledge.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming and design patterns.
  • Have experience working for objectives with remote teams.
  • Have experience in static typing languages ‚Äč‚Äčespecially Java.
Training Requirements:
  • Be a university graduate or advanced student of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Systems or related careers.
  • Remote position. Fulltime. Ideally Latinoamerica timezone.
If you are interested to be part of our technological revolution, we invite you to contact us so we can provide you with more information about our company and the opportunity to work with us. Send your CV at
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