Technical / Engineering Support


Interested in working for a fast-moving, growing, and exciting tech startup from Silicon Valley? Want to learn about high frequency trading, cryptocurrencies, the blockchain?
We are looking for top notch, driven, highly technical people to join our team.
We are looking for a technical customer/user support person to assist us in answering questions and providing user support for our software.
- Between 20 to 40 hrs week- Schedule: US hours which may include some hours on weekends
Role & Responsibilities
  • Get familiar with the software and the documentation
  • Test out and try out software functionality
  • Keep up to date on software development and features
  • Monitor, track, and respond to users on discord, WeChat, telegram groups
  • User support
  • Documentation: review and edit user documents, create github pull requests for docs
Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Replicate user issuers
  • Setup and monitor your own testing bots, locally and on the cloud
Get experience using the following technologies:
  • Cloud servers / linux
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • github / documentation
Exposure to best practice software development practices from Silicon Valley.
Technology Requirements
  • You will need to install Discord and telegram for chatting / support discussions
What we are looking for in candidates:
  • Fluent in Mandarin: written and spoken
  • Strong communication skills: written and spoken
  • Attention to detail, diligence
  • Driven, motivated, takes initiative
  • Integrity: dependable and reliable
  • Technical background with prior tech experience
  • Previous experience working for a crypto/blockchain technology company preferred
  • Willingness and interest to learn about cryptocurrencies, markets, trading
  • Familiarity with using the command line, Docker, and/or willing to learn (step by step instructions are in our documents)
Full-time opportunity
Exceptional performers may be given the opportunity to join our team an a full-time employment basis.
We also view the support role as the entry level role into our company.  Exceptional performers will be given the opportunity to assume different roles within the company.
We also sponsor employee training programs.
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