People Operations Coordinator/Office Manager

Order Desk

About Order Desk
Order Desk is a multi-channel order management app that helps ecommerce merchants automate, organize and control their order fulfillment process. Our customers include merchants new to ecommerce, fulfillment companies managing stores for their clients and internationally-recognized people and brands—to name a few.
We believe that:
  • Customer support is essential to making a good product. The problems and questions our customers bring to us are what creates the foundation of every project we work on, so at Order Desk, we all do support. When we all help with support, everyone in our company is in tune with our customers and knowledgeable about our product and the way it’s being used.
  • A healthy culture brings purpose to our work. We are invested in each other, we lift each other up, and we respect that we are each humans with lives, interests and struggles outside of our jobs. We are serious about everyone on our team feeling safe, comfortable, and valued at work.
  • Being self-funded keeps us invested. We care about what we do, so we’re in it for the long haul and are committed to growing responsibly and working creatively within the constraints of our own progress. Our goal is to make a useful, accessible product based on the needs of our customers, not the demands of investors.
  • Remote work is the future. Being a remote company offers us valuable and diverse insight from a team of people all around the world. We believe in honoring the freedom to live our lives and care for our families and ourselves while practicing the self-discipline it takes to responsibly and successfully get our work done from wherever we choose to work.
About the Role
We are a hard-working team of 10 and have been intentional about cultivating a healthy culture. We haven't needed a people operations position yet because of our size, but we are expecting to grow considerably in the coming months. We are creating this position at this stage in our growth for a few reasons, most specifically to support and maintain our culture as we grow, to take on certain office and business related responsibilities that are better suited to a dedicated role, and to become more organized to support our growth.
This role will be about 25% office manager tasks with the remaining 75% of time meant for people ops initiatives. Office manager tasks related to the daily running of the business include financial, accounting, planning and organizational work, such as payroll, affiliate payments, reimbursements, preparing for meetings (meetings at Order Desk typically involve playing games and being social), planning activities and retreats, managing team perks, benefits and equipment and making sure people are taking enough time off.
The people ops responsibilities include preparing for and placing job ads, screening and interviewing applicants, onboarding and helping new hires with their questions and paperwork, building organizational systems and putting new processes into place that improve how we track and use important information, looking for areas of improvement and opportunities for development, such as providing coaching and education for our team, and working with leads to make sure each person on our team is supported.
While everyone at Order Desk does support, this role is one that will take a step back from that. Having an understanding of how our team works together to support our customers will be crucial to understanding the needs of our team, so how we do support, the tools we use, what our app does and why our customers come to us will be part of the training, but day-to-day support work will not be asked of or expected for this role.
About You
You have previous people operations or HR experience and have a solid understanding of HR practices and processes.
You are capable and comfortable with being the only people ops person in a small company with the understanding that all related responsibilities will be yours as you build the foundation for a future people operations team when the company is ready for one.
You are not afraid to tackle difficult problems and come up with unique solutions, you are excited to make an impact by finding areas that need improvement, and you are able to propose your ideas, set up new processes and lead development and cultural initiatives from conception to completion.
You are a keen observer and a strong communicator, and you are eager to learn from your colleagues and excited to teach them what you know.
You care about people, you care about what you do and you care about the success of your team, and you have the confidence and the initiative to pursue and accomplish your own projects and goals.
You have the self-discipline and motivation to work efficiently and honestly in a remote company.
You appreciate the balance between fun and professionalism.
You speak and write English fluently.
You can live anywhere in the world as long as you are okay working during US business hours.
US team members are provided full medical/dental/vision benefits. Team members outside of the US receive these benefits as part of their compensation package.
All team members get 3-4 weeks of flexible paid time off per year, six paid holidays, a technology upgrade program and profit sharing. When our company is successful, we share in that success.
We get together in person once or twice a year for a company retreat—which we look forward to doing again when the pandemic is behind us.
This is a full-time position. The salary for this role will be between $60,000 and $70,000 USD/year, depending on experience.
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