Head of Customer (Client) Success


Hey there,Looking to start 2021 off with a bang? Us too. We're hiring a leadership role to own our client experience. Maybe it’s you?

But first… a little about us 👇

We're an early stage growth team with an ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages to budding digital businesses. Our services range from backlinks & search engine optimization to done-for-you virality across Reddit.In a sea of shady agencies and freelancers that don't deliver, we stand out as a team that aligns ourselves tightly with the startup journey to help drive real results at all stages. Clients love us because we're accessible, we focus on results, and our customer success team is always around to help. Not to mention the services are one-of-a-kind.We’ve grown quickly over the past year, and now we need to kick off a brand new way of communicating with our clients. And that’s where you come in. As our Head Of Customer Success, you’ll own the client experience as a whole, including customer support, account management and sales. And chances are you’ll have a lot to say about the platform and how our customers experience our website too. 

So… let's dive into the role & some of its responsibilities.

Set the bar for how we service founders ❤️* As the champion of our clients, you’ll be making sure that our team is laser-focused on what really matters. Delivering meaningful work to our clients. Help us see the client perspective and deliver top-notch experiences across the company and customer success teams.* Develop a company-wide standard. What does excellent service mean? What are the most important components of an excellent customer experience? Help us find opportunities to serve our customers better.* Build structure! Help us develop our core sales, customer success, and account management assets. Setup & formalize SOP's for customer success functions as needed.* Create an up-to-date map of our customer journey. Ensure every step in the customer journey is measured and improving over time* Establish a monthly alignment call that allows us to connect with our clients and collect feedback on our services and campaigns.* Travel (post-Covid) and represent Soar as needed across conferences and Startup events. Talk with our customers and discover opportunities and pain points* Hire and manage team members working within the Customer Success umbrella.* Jump and manage onboarding and client calls as needed to support your team.Other important info 📚* The right candidate can come from any background but has experience with the customer-facing side of delivering services, working in agencies. * Hubspot knowledge is a huge plus.* Be ready to take on the leadership role and develop strategies within your department* Have a curious mind and be ready to continuously improve internal and external processes with the help of other team members* Our team is fully remote, and we’re located all over the world. Expect to mish mash with people from everywhere.Perks of working with our team 🙌* Weekly happy hours to unwind, chitchat, and (lately) play Among Us. Sus indeed* Social clubs where we chat about cooking, tv, games, fitness, books & more. We share photos, stories from our lives and more on a daily basis.* People change, roles shift. You’ll have the freedom to mold your career and trajectory based on what you care and want to develop.* We see people as our core asset so we invest in our team members’ well being and success
Look forward to reading your applications! Our budget is around $40,000-$62,000/yr, and we are only considering full-time hires at this time. Please reach out to hiring@soar.sh to apply with 3 reasons why you're a great fit for this role, and your linkedin profile/resume. 
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