Software Product Designer


Are you excited and inspired to create the best, most elegant, usable, engaging, fun, exciting, groundbreaking, and useful product out there? Do you eat, live, and breathe great software? Are you obsessed with software and how it can help make people better at what they do? If so, we want you on our product team!
Simplero is a SaaS company that helps coaches, authors, and speakers transform lives at scale through online courses and memberships. We’re an all-remote team of 35 trailblazers passionate about service, personal growth, and simplicity. We have helped over 2500 customers in 30 countries make over $225M. We’re changing lives, providing livelihoods, and our service is incredibly valuable. We’re a team united by our shared values of growth, ownership, service, and hunger.
As our Product Designer, you’ll be responsible for taking abstract and rough ideas and making them concrete, translating them to implementable product designs. You’ll be working closely with our Product Manager, our Product Marketer, Engineering, and UI designer. Your job will be to focus on the higher level product design, as opposed to pixel-perfect design. Ie. what’s the flow of the overall product, how do these features interact and combine, users’ mental models, and more.
The job is hard. We have high standards, and we’re going to expect a lot of you. But the payoff both personally and professionally will be immense. This role at Simplero will open your world and professional career to abundant opportunities for growth.
A Little Bit About You:
  • You’re super passionate about product design, always studying, learning, solving complex product design challenges while you shower because … because you can’t help it.
  • You can take a vision and turn it into a reality
  • You can quickly sketch product designs by hand, and make it look decent … we won’t have time to do computer sketches during a brainstorm
  • You easily get the big picture vision, distill it down, and even expand on it
  • You’re strong analytically and logically, able to understand complex concepts, relationships, and interactions, and simplifying them.
  • You have a passion for solving core product problems while being accountable for all facets of the user experience: from strategy to research to interaction design
  • You love users and love seeing the smile on their faces when you hit the sweet spot
  • You have a strong visual sense and can make things that are beautiful and functional
  • You have a comprehensive understanding of the end to end iterative design process: research user needs, map user journeys, wireframe, prototype, conduct usability testing
  • You have the ability to rapidly prototype and validate the team's design efforts
What You’ll Do:
  • Collaborate with Product Marketing, Product Management, Design, Engineering, and Leadership, both big picture, and in detail (we’re talking whiteboards and big markers for creative brainstorming)
  • Take abstract and rough ideas and make them concrete and translate them to product design concepts
  • Work with our engineering team to understand the technical limitations and possibilities
  • Support the Product Marketing team as they ideate product marketing campaigns to help increase adoption and awareness of the product
  • Work closely with our UI designer to get it down to the pixel level
  • Research our customers, their world, their needs, their businesses
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and improve on product design problems
What You’ll Need:
  • A portfolio of great work and contributions
  • Examples of your hand-drawn low-fi product design sketches
  • A proven track record of success in working with engineers to accomplish great things
  • Passion and fire about creating something groundbreaking and new
  • Data visualization experience preferred
Higher Level:
  • Knowledge of the customers we have and the space we’re in is super valuable
  • Willing to learn and understand how software works under the hood
  • Love of software and desire to push the envelope
  • Strong logical mind
What's in it for you
  • Competitive salary
  • Remote work – We are a diverse and distributed team that uses Slack, Zoom, Notion and other tools to stay connected
  • Changing lives at scale. Making the tools that empower experts to make a living teaching others is seriously high-leverage work.
  • Be part of a lean, efficient, high-autonomy, high-accountability team.
  • Show exactly what you created AND know exactly how many customers benefit from it how often.
  • A team of A players to work with to help you execute on your roadmap
  • Know how great it feels when you make a customer’s day. You’re not locked in a room 4 floors away from anyone who talks to a customer: you’ll see the impact of each bug fix, “surprise and delight” tweak, and feature
Other Benefits:
  • Access to hundreds of hours of training material, books, workouts, etc.. For just about anything you want to learn about Internet business, personal growth, software development—if it’s not already in our virtual library, just ask.
  • Personal and professional coaching. Who do you want to be? How do you want to grow yourself and your career? We’ll help you get there.
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation + 10 holidays per year. Yes. We want you to get some perspective and rest.
  • Generous profit sharing. Since we don’t have stock options, this is how we do it.
What Sets Simplero Apart:
  • No VCs. 100% customer and sweat equity funded, privately owned, and we’re not in it for an exit. We’re here to serve our clients and do work that matters for decades to come.
  • Profitable. Been in business for 11+ years. Solid, stable, proven company, product, and business model.
  • 2,300 active customers. Our customers have earned over $225M using Simplero.
  • Our founder & CEO is a developer and built the product himself for the first several years. Deep technical understanding and support all the way to the top.
  • We solve real problems for real people that are happy to pay us real money. We sign off each day knowing we made a difference in someone's life.
  • We do things differently from other companies. You'll see. We laugh a lot. We’re real with each other. We breathe. We care.
  • We have customers that have been with us for over ten years, and still love us as much as we love them!
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