DevOps Engineer


About Us

At Filestage we believe that people should feel able to invest their time at work in a meaningful way. 
However, in modern organizations, people instead experience constant delays, misunderstandings, and poor results every day due to communication barriers, complicated tools, and error-prone manual tasks. 
Our mission is to free teams from chaotic file review and proofing workflows, with a simple, flexible, and effective online proofing solution. With everything we do, we lead people towards being happier and more successful at work.
Over 500 companies (and growing!) all over the world like Lufthansa, Canadian Tire, or Rabobank benefit from happier and more productive employees with Filestage. 

About the role

There is no clear definition of DevOps, at Filestage we follow the Well-Architected framework. We are building a small but powerful DevOps team. This team empowers other product engineering teams. Providing them with the knowledge, tooling, monitoring, safeguards and automation necessary to deliver software quickly and confidently.

Key responsibilities

  • Operational Excellence: Set up CI/CD pipelines, improve processes and encourage best practices to speed up development.
  • Reliability: Coach engineers on how to write effective automated tests. Make sure we have enough monitoring and alerts to detect problems as fast as possible. Debug and analyze root causes of incoming bugs to prevent them in the future. 
  • Performance: Review technical decisions and code to detect bottlenecks and suggest improvements. Measure and monitor the production environment to offer the best experience for our customers.
  • Security: Knowledge of common web vulnerabilities, audit our code base for security issues and improve our processes to increase security.
  • Cost optimization: Deep understanding of cloud-based software solutions, Suggest the best tool for each job and find opportunities to resize resources to save money.

About you

  • You are passionate about software development: You feel proud of crafting high-quality software and you promote best practices.
  • You have solid engineering fundamentals: You know how core web technologies work under the hood and therefore understand tradeoffs and can suggest the best approaches.
  • You are able to think beyond code: You understand the high-level architecture and its effects on the user experience.
  • You are comfortable with our tech stack: We are building a Single Page Application using JavaScript with React for the frontend and JavaScript, Node.JS and MongoDB for the backend; all of it is hosted in AWS.
  • You are a strong executed: When you take on a task, whether it’s huge and scary or tiny and boring, you’re going to manage it from idea through to reality.
  • You are a strong communicator:You are fluent in English. You know how to validate decisions and communicate them clearly to other software engineers. 

This is what you get at Filestage 

  • Work from where you are happiest and enjoy a flexible day schedule. We are a fully distributed team,  working from different locations, each individual following their personal daily schedule.
    • For this role, we are looking for someone to work 40 hours a week with 6 hours of overlap of 9am to 5pm (UTC +1) to ensure a sufficient time overlap with our team members, customers, and partners.
  • Home office setup: Get 1000€ for a new computer, webcam, standing desk-whatever improves your office setup.
  • Yearly team retreats. We all travel together once a year (in normal times) to have fun and get to know each other.
  • 30 days holiday. Everyone needs to enjoy time outside work. 
  • Work with teammates across the world. At Filestage, you broaden your horizons and build relationships with teammates around the world.
  • We build and maintain a strong team culture. Our working culture is based on our three core values: We are keen to learn, We take ownership and We play fair.
  • Your opinion matters. We trust our team members to make the best decisions to achieve their goals. We don’t micromanage.
  • Are you tired of useless meetings and slow decision-making? We have flat hierarchies, no bullshit meetings, and fast iterations.

How to apply?

  • Please fill out our application form. There is no need to write a novel, keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you. We're giving you our full attention. 
  • We will get back to you asap with some feedback,  and if we’re moving forward with your application.
Our team is looking forward to getting to know you! ✌️
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