Senior Android Engineer


As a member of our Android team, you will learn and adapt quickly, balancing speed and agility to deliver meaningful features for our users. The app uses Kotlin, Android Jetpack, unidirectional data flows, dependency injection, reactive programming, unit tests, end to end tests, and the robot pattern. You don't have to know all of these patterns and libraries, but you'll be using them daily. Technical skills aren't everything at Geneva; we value kind people who can work well on a team.
On a daily basis, you will:
  • Build a cutting-edge Android app that brings people together and sets a new standard for mobile communication.
  • Write clear, maintainable code that will scale across a number of projects and distributed development teams.
  • Collaborate closely with engineers, designers, and product managers.
  • Work in an environment where vision and strategy exist but still has plenty of room to be shaped.
  • Be a valued member of an autonomous and cross-functional team.
  • Contribute to the vibrant culture of Geneva.
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS, EE, AM, or equivalent
  • 5+ years of experience as an Android developer
  • Experience releasing multiple apps to the Play Store
  • Deep understanding of the Android framework and application development best practices
  • You get joy from shipping useful and life-changing apps.
  • You care about writing tests. You believe that architectural patterns, such as MVP, MVVM, or MVI can help you reason about your code.
  • You're comfortable with the whole software development lifecycle, from communicating requirements, and implementing features, to testing your code and optimizing CI/CD.
  • You have great communication skills. You know how to deliver and receive constructive feedback. You know how to express your ideas in an effective manner to both technical and non-technical people. You're able to work closely with design, iOS, and backend teams.
  • You have a growth mindset and are constantly looking for ways to improve your skills. You're not set on doing things 'the old way' if there's a better way of getting things done.
  • You enjoy mentoring and teaching others.
  • You contribute to open source projects.
  • You understand Material Design and appreciate apps that use it.
  • You're comfortable submitting pull requests to the iOS or backend repositories if needed.
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