Browser Engineer - Remote

Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub)

About the Job
You will be involved in the development of a cutting edge product that will power the entire technology stack at Scrapinghub, giving customers unfettered access to open web data. This data powers business critical decisions in industries such as eCommerce, OTA, travel, healthcare, information security and financial services. You will play a key role in transforming how companies get web data thus giving them the ability to make better decisions, products and results.
Roles & Responsibilities:
You'll work as a member of the content fetching team to implement features in the custom browser, support downstream teams and developers by creating tools for better debugging and introspection. In particular you will be working on
  • Customize the Chromium browser
  • Implement features/tooling for deeper introspection into client side code
  • Actively participate in team activities including planning, design reviews and code reviews
  • Contribute to the open source browser development
  • Extensive experience in C++ and Javascript
  • Previous experience of contributing to the source code of any open source browser projects such as Chromium, Webkit, Firefox etc
  • Good understanding of Web APIs (for example canvas, audio, webGL, webRTC etc)
  • Deep understanding of Operating Systems as well as a knowledge of emulation and virtualization
  • A good understanding of TCP/IP stack as well as HTTP, SOCKS protocols.
  • A good understanding of containerisation concepts in docker, containerd, runc, k8s etc.
  • Experience in web browser embedded frameworks (Electron, Chromium Embedded Framework, etc)
  • Experience in browser plug-in/extension development
  • A good understanding of browser fingerprinting approaches
Bonus points for
  • Being a core committer to any of the major browser projects
  • A good understanding of libraries such as Puppeteer, Playwright and the underlying Chrome Dev Protocol.
  • Rust and WebAssembly knowledge
  • Experience in developing any one of the following technologies - Qemu, WSL, Wine, VirtualBox
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