Business Development Coordinator

Order Desk

About the Role
The Business Development Coordinator position is a full-time role that will, with training, take ownership of our existing business partnerships and other business development initiatives as needed. The cornerstone of this position—to successfully support our partners—is becoming an expert at the Order Desk app. To gain and retain proficiency and a strong working understanding of our product requires training and ongoing work in customer support.
We have spent years fostering partnerships with companies across the ecommerce industry, and we have built integrations to many of them. Working closely together with these companies allows us to pursue new ways to help our mutual customers, and much of our growth attributed to organic, word-of-mouth recommendations we get from these partners. With new integrations being built every month, we continue to treat our partnerships as our primary marketing channel, and we are intentional about building relationships with current and future partners.
The Business Development Coordinator will be responsible for cultivating these partner relationships, creating new relationships with companies who are unaware of our integrations to them, managing existing partnership responsibilities (staying up-to-date on non-disclosure, affiliate and legal agreements to ensure continued compliance on both sides, as well as monitoring accuracy of information shared by both companies with our mutual customers), educating our partners by giving product demos via video calls, being the point of contact for their questions and creating resources that help them understand the value of using Order Desk for themselves and their clients, discovering opportunities that will mutually benefit our partners and Order Desk and thinking strategically about how Order Desk can grow its B2B presence in the ecommerce industry and beyond.
Order Desk is a technically robust app where reaching proficiency takes time, experimentation and thinking outside the box. Every partner and customer we talk to has a unique problem to solve that requires reading comprehension, troubleshooting skills, analytical thinking and being able to concisely explain technical concepts in a non-technical way to help them understand how Order Desk works and can be used to benefit their business.
Customer support is the foundation of everything we do at Order Desk, so this would be a good fit for someone with experience in technical support or a background or interest in customer-facing marketing, sales or business development.
You must have a high level of experience in email customer support, preferably in the tech or software industries, or be able to show strong reading comprehension, analytical and written skills in the question and answers asked in the application process.
This job requires frequent face-to-face calls with partners, so you must be comfortable talking to people via phone and video calls.
You should have experience with or be able to learn basic content creation (such as PDFs), basic WordPress page design and be able to switch between writing creatively and journalistically.
You should be able to review and understand non-disclosure agreements and have a basic level of legal reading comprehension.
You have a strategic mind and will be able to make judgment calls when working with our partners to predict the best results for all parties.
Obstacles are not roadblocks to you; they are challenges to be figured out. You’re a problem solver who likes to find solutions rather than waiting to be told what to do.
You’re a learner and a question asker; you aren’t afraid to be wrong if you know you can learn from your mistakes.
You have the self-discipline and motivation to work efficiently and honestly in a remote company.
You are comfortable finding your way around a new software program.
You appreciate the balance between fun and professionalism.
You speak and write English fluently.
You can live anywhere in the world as long as you are okay working during US business hours (with occasional off-hours for some international partners).
US team members are provided medical, dental and vision benefits. Team members outside of the US receive these benefits as part of their compensation package.
All team members get 3-4 weeks of flexible paid time off per year, six paid holidays, a technology upgrade program and profit sharing. When our company is successful, we share in that success.
We get together in person once or twice a year for a company retreat—which we look forward to doing again when the pandemic is behind us.
This is a full-time position. The salary for this role is $60,000 USD/year.
To Apply
We are not expecting a cover letter and would rather you spend your time answering the questions we have listed. There are a few steps to our application process:
  1. Application Questions
  2. Follow-Up Questions
  3. Skills Test
  4. Video Response
  5. Interview(s)
If you are moved to the next round, we will contact you to let you know next steps. At the conclusion of the process, we will follow up with everyone who applied. We appreciate your patience while we review each application, as this process can take several weeks.
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