Senior DevOps Engineer


  • Users come first
  • Build a better product, not just different
  • Do less but get more done
  • Always be learning
What you will achieve in this role
  • Design, build, and maintain the GoodNotes infrastructure, ensure it adheres to Dickerson’s Hierarchy of Reliability.
  • Educate the various teams in DevOps and SRE best practices. Aid them, from designing, capacity planning, to rolling out new features.
  • Be the go-to person for higher-level escalation for applications
  • Improve the system monitoring, health reporting, and logging
  • Design and implement security, assist in maintaining information security practices and procedures
Use the latest tech stack
  • Monitoring and Logging: we are currently using Datadog for monitoring and CloudWatch Logs for logging. Metrics are collected across our agents, taken from the logs using metric filters, and updated directly from lambda function or the application.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code: most of our infrastructure is written and defined in AWS CloudFormation templates. We are slowly migrating towards Terraform
  • CI/CD: we are currently using TravisCI for our backend applications, and CircleCI for our iOS applications.
  • Deployments: we have multiple EKS clusters set up either for Blue/Green rollouts or dedicated feature sets. We are currently updating these clusters using simple bash scripts as part of the deployment flow.
What you need to be successful
  • Strong understanding of Linux and Networking fundamentals
  • Strong understanding of network and container security
  • Strong experience in working with AWS products
  • Strong experience with container orchestration, ideally Kubernetes
  • Strong experience in building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Strong experience with Relational and Non-relational database management, backup and restore
  • Experience with automation/configuration management, ideally Terraform
  • Experience with system monitoring tools
  • Some experience in Back-end development, using and creating APIs
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  • You'll receive a competitive compensation and meaningful equity along with a chance to make significant contribution to a product people already love.
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  • You're also welcome to join us in our Hong Kong or London office, we sponsor visas and relocations.
  • We take care of you and your loved ones with medical insurance and flexible working hours including two optional work-from-home days!
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