Senior Deep Learning Engineer

IHS Markit - Project Ultra Violet

Your Role
You will be responsible for design and engineering aspects of innovative projects related to automatic structuring and understanding of unstructured content and workflows. Your role is needed to ensure efficient architectures and low-level design of deep learning -based solutions for high-quality deliverables into IHS Markit products with focus on innovation, scientific research, experimentation and optimal design.
Your duties will include:
  • Influencing the strategy and vision of ML/DL research, tools, pipelining, optimization, deployment and MLOps for the AI department
  • Building and optimization of ML/DL training, testing and inference pipelines for latest GPU hardware and Cloud environments
  • Development of modern DL architectures optimized to meet production requirements
  • Productionizing neural AI/ML projects
  • Analysis, transformation and bootstrapping of datasets
About You
You are a talented engineer who is addicted to complex and fuzzy challenges. Your required qualifications and experience include:
  • BS degree in math and computer science, or related field
  • 4+ years experience as software engineer on projects related to machine learning
  • Solid understanding of deep learning methods and their math
  • Practical experience in ML/DL modelling with TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and/or other DL frameworks.
  • Hands on experience with deployment of ML models to production environments
  • Knowledge of tools and methods for model optimization
  • Strong algorithmic skills
  • Developed programming skills (Python)
  • English language (B1+)
The following will hugely increase our interest:
  • MS or PhD Degree
  • Publications in related domain
  • Solid understanding and experience with DL for NLP
  • Skills in algorithms and data structures
  • Also experience with C++ programming
  • Linux user experience
What we offer
Open and Collaborative Environment:
  • Own product development based on science and technology
  • Personal growth and career development supported on corporate level
  • Support of self-study and research
  • Development of own deep learning architectures
  • Getting custom datasets from the team of professional annotators
  • Training on powerful private GPU cloud
  • Research and application of state-of-art models
  • Development of own unique AI-driven products that work out-of-the-box and loved by world top companies
  • Great colleagues and open atmosphere at workplace
  • Knowledge and discoveries sharing inside and outside the team
  • Collaboration with a great team of ML professionals
  • Participation in international workshops and conferences
  • Continuous education with invited tutors and paid online programs
Employee benefits:
  • English language classes
  • Employee stock options plans
  • Vacation time increase with tenure
  • Extended medical insurance for employees and their families
  • Personal accident coverage
  • Employee assistance program
  • Reimbursement of sports activities
  • Corporate and social events
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