Customer Support Manager


We’re looking for a remote customer support manager to take charge of customer support and inbound sales enquiries mainly via scheduled phone calls (est. 10-12 calls per day).Working hours for this role are 11am - 7pm UK time (to cover our UK and US client base).
Smarcomms is a social media management company providing small business owners with 'done for you' social media content and real organic growth for one low monthly fee. We’re a small and highly effective remote team of mainly independent contractors – you’ll work independently from wherever you want.

Benefits of this role:

Here’s why this is an awesome job.
  • You’ll play a huge role in this company. This isn’t a support role where you’re mindlessly dialling the phone all day to unhappy customers. You’ll have the opportunity to have a big impact on our customer’s businesses.
  • You'll work remotely. Work from anywhere and enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule – whether you want to work from the beach in Bali or from a cafe up on the slopes in Whistler, enjoy the freedom of working where you want.  Just keep in mind your working hours will remain the same wherever you are.
  • You’re not expected to do the startup grind and put in extra hours. We’re in this for the long run, and this is a results driven job anyways.
  • We will provide in depth training. For at least the first 2 weeks, you will just be learning about our service and what we do. You will also join the Founder on customer support and inbound sales calls to listen and learn.
  • You'll get the tools you need. We’ll buy the tools and software for your job.

The ideal candidate:

We’re open to hiring people with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. If you enjoy customer service, have a strong understanding of social media and are fairly tech savvy then you are likely to be a good fit.
There are some attributes that are guaranteed to make you awesome at this:
  • 2+ years in a customer support role.
  • Empathy: sometimes clients get frustrated and it’s our job to understand and find a solution. 
  • You’re a self starter, you like to set your own direction and run with it. You don’t need constant check-ins to get things done.
  • You’re good at expressing ideas in clear and concise writing. The tone of our company is very personal, being able to write simply is a must.
  • You are tech savvy. You’re able to quickly learn new software and figure out problems as they arise.
  • You’re reliable. This is a remote position and nobody is going to look over your shoulder. Show up when you say you will, do what you say you’ll do.
  • Finally, you’re proactive about moving the company forward. When you notice areas for improvement you take the initiative to create change.
  • You have direct experience in a social media management/marketing role. 
  • You're knowledgable about social media management softwares 
⚠️ Please note: This role is only for native English speakers from the UK, US, Canada or South Africa.All applications that don't fit this criteria will be deleted, so please don't waste time for everyone.To apply for this role, please submit an application here:
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