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Baymard Institute

Would you like to join the leading e-commerce UX research organization — and help write and manage the free public UX research articles used by thousands of web professionals, including some of the biggest brands in the world (including Nike, Sears, Lenovo, Etsy)? Do you have excellent writing, organization, and communication skills?
Then apply for the following remote full-time position at Baymard Institute.
About Your Job at Baymard
A sincere passion for, and demonstrated excellence in, writing is essential as you’ll be spending at least 80% of your time composing and articulating research findings as written articles.
In this position, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining the public-facing content produced at Baymard — mainly writing our biweekly blog articles but also sales and marketing pages.
In this role, you’ll be responsible for a variety of content tasks, including:
  • Writing publicly available, research-based articles for Baymard’s blog (https://baymard.com/blog). Most articles are written based on an existing UX guideline from Baymard Premium (https://baymard.com/research), so the research insight and 50–70% of the article content is typically premade. Most of the time your role is to write an engaging intro and conclusion, edit out details from the guideline not suitable for the public context, ensure a clear “angle” in the article, etc. Writing public articles is expected to be 30–50% of your time.
  • Formatting and publishing the majority of content (text and images) at Baymard, including not only blog articles but also Premium research guidelines, as well as other website copy as needed. (15–20% of your time.)
  • Managing the editorial calendar for our articles (https://baymard.com/blog) (identifying appropriate articles to write and setting the editorial publication schedule for 6+ months). (5–10% of your time.)
  • Responsible for keeping the “content” in a “pristine condition” on all our 1000s of public pages and Premium research pages through regular content maintenance. (15–20% of your time.)
  • Writing sales and public site microcopy and copy and quality assurance of existing copy. (5–10% of your time.) 
  • Identifying and suggesting ways to improve content sitewide at Baymard.com. 
This position is full-time permanent and 100% remote (note that you are expected to have at least 2 hours of daily overlap with Europe/US during traditional business hours).
Job Qualifications
You will help expand and strengthen Baymard's research core, which is the foundation for all of our products and services.
For this role, we’re looking for someone with the following qualifications. The numbers in brackets indicate the weighted importance of each on a 7-point scale (higher = more important). These weights reflect how candidates are evaluated, so make sure your application illustrates your prowess in the highest-weighted skills and traits.
  • [7/7] Experience writing about UX- and Usability-related topics and issues (e.g., have written UX blog articles)
  • [6/7] Strong organizational skills. Specifically in relation to your ability to plan an editorial calendar and work on multiple content tasks simultaneously
  • [5/7] Strong writing skills
  • [5/7] Strong editing skills (specifically copyediting to ensure good flow, logical constructions, etc.)
  • [2/7] Familiarity with using markup (or similar language) for publishing content on the web 
  • [2/7] Familiarity with the ‘web industry’ and especially its jargon (can be from experience with web development, design, research, writing, etc.)
Salary: in accordance with qualifications
Start date: as soon as possible
How to Apply
If you’re interested in this position, please send the following:
  1. Long-form web-related writings as links or as attached documents (ideally on UX or usability topics).  They can be either published or unpublished works (all materials are kept confidential).
  2. A cover letter that describes which of 6 above-listed job qualifications you meet and how you meet them.
  3. Other information you find relevant (hobbies, interests, work experience, CV, etc.).
Send the above to info+ux-writer@baymard.com with the subject header being “Application for Research Writer Position at Baymard” (all applications and materials are treated confidentially).
Deadline is December 6, 2021. 
Note: Based on the applications, a few selected candidates will be assigned a paid writing test which will be one of the main evaluation criteria for the position. This will also be a good way for you to get a feel for a primary task of this job. (The test will be performed remotely. You’ll be given research findings to adapt into an article suitable for public consumption.)
Jamie & Christian
Founders of the Baymard Institute
Referral Bonus: If this job isn’t you, but you know someone who’ll be the perfect fit, please send them the link to this page. If we end up hiring the person you referred, we’ll give you one year of access to a Baymard Premium ‘ Medium' (https://baymard.com/research)’plan (a $1,560 value).
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