Operations and Finance Manager


Are you looking for an exciting, fulfilling and fun operations role with a growing, US -based and internationally-minded all-remote, tech company?
About the Position…
As the Operations and Finance Manager for Ring.io, in this fully remote role you will be responsible for leading our finance and business operations.
Ring.io is powerful engagement software for sales and customer-success teams. Our mission is to transform how customer-facing reps interact with customers.
We are looking for someone who thrives on multitasking, being organized and helping others stay productive; someone eager to learn and approach each workday not always knowing what to expect but being energized from knowing that each day will bring new opportunities.
Have you been looking for something new to challenge yourself in many different areas? Do you like taking on new projects? Do you have an eye for detail and a mind to turn chaos into order? Are you ready to work with a tight knit group of colleagues who work well together and all strive to help the company and each other achieve goals?
Our team is small, approachable; but also doers and go-getters. Everyone is kind and amazing. We enjoy working with and want to get to know each other better.
If you’re still excited after reading that, then let’s get to the details
What you’ll be doing:
  • Finance: accounts receivable (make sure we get paid), accounts payable (make sure we pay our vendors and employees) and light bookkeeping (we have a CPA that you would work with)
  • Help customers who want to make changes or have questions about their account or their bills.
  • Admin: manage our mail, keep our records, respond to requests from federal and state agencies, help with booking and managing sporadic travel needs
  • People Ops: run payroll, manage expense reports, onboard new team members, care for the team (care packages, make sure they have everything they need, organize remote socials and annual all hands trip)
  • Processes: we are a growing company in need of improving and formalizing how we do recurring tasks, and we would welcome a process-oriented / project-oriented person who can help us organize these activities that cut across functions.
We need someone with...
  • Awesome people skills. You will be talking with 10 people a day, team-mates or customers or vendors. If people love working with you then you’ve already won half the battle
  • Wisdom and good judgement. You are going to be making meaningful decisions that affect everyone around you.
  • Highly organised and love creating systems
  • Very detailed-oriented & efficient
  • Excellent communicator and completely fluent in English (spoken and written)
  • Ability (or willingness to learn) how to lead Operations at a fast-growing SaaS company
  • Initiative. You don’t shy away from taking on responsibility and projects
  • Ability to adapt and grow (startup life isn’t a straight line)
  • Some experience with creating systems
  • 2+ years of working remotely
  • 2+ years in a customer or client-facing role
  • 2+ years of operations experience (in f)
  • Geography: US / Canada / Europe.
What it's like to work at Ring.io
  • We love coming to work every day
  • Each employee has the freedom to make an impact on the business
  • Everybody is dying to help you, has a genuine interest in your ideas, and wants to learn from you
  • Everybody understands that each team member plays a vital role in advancing the business
  • We value the freedom of remote work and understand how important it is to have great work / life balance.
The Nitty Gritty
  • We are a 100% remote company and this is a 100% remote position. You work from wherever you live. Our expectation is that you have or will have a quiet, comfortable and well-connected spot from which you'll be available to do the work. We can help you get what you need to have an effective home office. You'll have less interaction than if you worked in an office, but less distractions too.
  • Our business hours are US East Coast hours - you will need to have a large overlap of hours in your workday during those hours to meet and communicate with customers. Most of our customers are based in North America. While technically possible, it is unlikely that we would work with you if all your daytime hours are all of our customer and team member nighttime hours & vice versa.
  • Compensation:
    • Competitive base salary.
    • You participate in the Ring.io Team Bonus Plan
    • If you plan to stay with us for the long term, you will be eligible to get stock options.
  • Unlimited vacation (within reason)
  • Work / life flexibility.
  • If you are based in the US, we will hire you as a W-2 employee and you'll get 2x/mo paychecks. If you are based outside the US we will hire you as an independent contractor and we'll pay your 1x/mo invoice.
  • If you live in a country without public health insurance, we will subsidize some of your health insurance costs. You pick your health insurance, we reimburse some of your insurance expenses
Diversity and equity: we value it, we want more of it.
About Ring.io
Ring.io is on a mission to empower sales teams with software weapons. Every sales team is at war with other sales teams in their industry. Our apps give sales pros an unfair advantage.
We specialize in communication and engagement software. Our killer app is a CRM-embedded dialer that helps sales reps and managers drive interactions with prospects.
Just like an exoskeleton increases a soldier’s range and ability to carry gear, Ring.io augments a sales rep’s ability to develop many more parallel shallow relationships.
That’s today. Tomorrow, what weapons will sales teams need?
The thread that weaves together everything we do is a passion for translating hard core tech and usability R&D into software innovations that solve practical problems in a powerful way, and that professionals fall in love with.
The team behind Ring.io is made of intelligent, collegial and curious people. We believe in solving hard problems once and for all. We believe that a few, focused, fast learners who trust each other can make a big difference
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