Software Engineer


Time zones: EST (UTC -5), CST (UTC -6), MST (UTC -7), PST (UTC -8), AKST (UTC -9), HST (UTC -10)
We are an engineering team at Peloton within the Ecommerce division focused on B2B2C growth opportunities. Our team is big on collaboration, kindness, and business velocity and have relied on these values to drive significant growth to Peloton's Corporate Wellness offering since it was announced earlier this year. By EOY we will have launched dozens of companies offering subsidized access to Peloton hardware and services for hundreds of thousands of eligible employees.We are seeking backend / fullstack engineers to help us take our Python stack to a Kotlin-based, event-driven, microservice architecture while also balancing this with a startup mindset to how we continually grow our business to meet significant market demand. One of our mantras is that we 'solve, before scale' but we also seek to embrace a spirit of craftspersonship by committing to continuous learning and improvement.The team is remote and spread out across the US. We are big on team engagement as part of how we achieve connectedness in an otherwise distributed work environment. US Citizenship or permanent residency is a requirement. We are particularly interested in people who are passionate about fitness and wellness, highly effective communicators, and excited to be part of our mission to make a meaningful and positive impact on the wellbeing of our members.
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