Business Operations Manager


Getro is looking for a Business Operations Manager to form part of our core team as one of our first 30 employees. This role is a true generalist- driving both Functional Operations (Accounting, Finance, Backoffice, HR Ops, Admin) and Business Operations (cross-functional projects, how we work, reporting / KPIs, and more!) to achieve our business goals.
You, as a person: 
  • You are a passionate person, and care about combining human technology and empathy
  • You are highly driven and proactive - you make things happen
  • You practice committed  ownership - you own your projects from beginning to end, you ask for buy-in to make better decisions, but aren’t paralyzed without it. When things go wrong, you accept accountability for your part without blaming others, and share your learnings openly
  • You are detail & process oriented
  • You are a proactive communicator and team player
  • You make decisions with facts
  • You work between the CT and CEST time zones 
  • Equal parts human / analytical
You, as an expert: 
  • Experience working at a pre Series C company
  • Min. 3 years in startup operations, finance, consulting, general management, backoffice, data, or other analytical roles (we can adjust the role scope if you're coming with more than that)
  • Effective written communicator 
  • Strong data orientation / analytical skills
  • Plus: you self define as someone who gets things done
Getro Perks: 
  • 100% remote, 100% flexible 
  • Salary: $83-119k
    • Why the range? We're open to different levels of experience for this role, but still want to publish a salary range to make sure we're not wasting anyone’s time. Experience level & the cost of living where you live determine where you fall within this range. 
  • Generous Employee Stock Options with an attractive strike price
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Unique culture: humans first, unicorn dreams second 
  • Healthcare & co-working allowance
  • Leadership opportunity to impact the company direction as one of the first 30 employees 
72 Hours in Your Life:
  • Async Loom alignment with our Director of Operations to prioritize open projects you're working on 
  • Facilitating a cross functional meeting you scheduled with Product, Sales, and Customer Success to scope the execution & RACI matrix for an experiment you designed to offer a special discount to customers who opt for an annual contract over a monthly one
  • Presenting a cost / benefit analysis with your recommendation on which HR platform for distributed workforces is best for Getro to the Director of Operations, CEO and CPO 
  • Running a meeting with our external accountants to dig into a 30% jump in Operating Expenses last month & close the books 
  • Updating our Employee Handbook with a New Working Agreement you proposed in our last All Hands meeting that the team voted on
  • Building a Hubspot Dashboard to show the evolution of our major Sales KPIs over the last 8 weeks; updating our SOPs with new mandatory fields to keep our hygiene strong  
  • Preparing KPIs for the next board meeting and All Hands Presentation
  • Analyzing data to make strategic recommendations of which of our sales channels is the most effective, with qualitative buy in from our Marketing and Sales teams 
About Getro: 
Getro is on a mission to become the platform of choice for making professional introductions by combining technology and human empathy. 
That’s nice, what do you do, though? 
We have two products:
  • GetroJobs, which automatically aggregates jobs across a network of companies;
  • GetroNetwork, which allows talent (active and passive job seekers) and companies to connect with one another, facilitating introductions and referrals within networks. 
Together our products provide all the quality that comes from a referral vs hundreds of faceless Linkedin profiles, with a UX that is built for employers, not recruiters, and doing away with all of the emailing, calls, and reminders that usually go into a referral request.
Our customers: 
We help 500+ independent professional networks — including venture capital funds (Kleiner Perkins), accelerators (TechStars), membership communities (Women 2.0), economic development organizations  (, universities (University of Toronto), and more — make better introductions for their members, measure the outcomes of their intros, and in some cases, make money. 
Our team: 
  • Techstars 2017 graduates
  • Our co-founders have been working together in the recruiting space for the 'last 10 years. They’ve seen some things. 
  • Remote-first company, from 2018 (before covid) 
  • 22 team members across 9 countries 
  • As a fully remote company, we don't have offices, but we do get together virtually and in person Summits (before the pandemic: Germany, Cape Town, San Fran...) 
How we work:
We're ambitious, but realistic - we know anything worth doing takes time. We trust each member of our team to work when they wish, and from a location they choose. We believe in working smarter, not harder - we don't value presentee-ism and we're not impressed by long working hours. Above all, we value the contribution of each individual and take seriously our responsibility to enable you to work on things you love. These aren't just words - they're part of everything we do, including how we design our products.
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