Community Manager [Technical Writing]

$83,200/year, full-time remote roleIf you want the opportunity to help software developers and technical writers learn new skills, improve their careers, and make extra money doing it, then this is the role for you!
As our first Technical Writing Community Manager, you'll be responsible for running our writer relations program, reviewing writer applications, and improving engagement among our 200+ writers at You'll work alongside our team of Technical Content Specialists (all current or former software engineers) and our Founder (a former CTO) to help us find writers who can produce high-quality technical content that resonates with other engineers.
Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn more!What You'll Be Responsible for
  1. Building a pipeline of qualified technical writers to join our writer pool
  2. Making a first pass at assessing their work to ensure they meet our quality and experience standards
  3. Improving engagement among our existing writers
Your Day-to-Day Work
  • Engaging with communities of software engineers to raise awareness
  • Actively reaching out to specific people, inviting them to write for us
  • Reviewing writer applications for writing quality as they come in
  • Creating content to promote and feature our writers' accomplishments
  • Running monthly writer education events to help writers improve their skills
  • Managing partnerships with websites, newsletters, and job boards to promote our writing program
Skills and Experience We're Looking For
Some of these are hard requirements, some are suggestions, and others are just a bonus. If you have at least the minimum required skills, we encourage you to apply!
  • (Requirement) 3+ years previous community management, developer relations, or relevant marketing experience
  • (Requirement) Strong English writing and speaking skills
  • Ability to quickly learn and understand technical topics at a high level
  • Experience working with or near software engineers in some capacity
  • Positive personality with an innate drive to help others improve their careers and learn new skills
  • Experience working in a fully-distributed team
  • (Nice-to-Have) Technical writing, editing, or marketing experience
  • (Nice-to-Have) Software engineering, coding bootcamp, or software development experience
  • Flexible hours, location, and (mostly) asynchronous work
  • Regular feedback from our team
  • Work directly with our team of Editors and Technical Content Specialists
  • Help shape the direction of a quickly-growing small business
  • Transparent hiring process, pay rate, and company insights
  • Hourly contract to start with the opportunity to transition to salary and paid time off in 6 months
Hiring Process
  1. Submit your application.
  2. Complete a short trial task over email.
  3. We'll reach out to schedule a Zoom interview.
  4. Top applicants will be asked to complete a 2-4 hour paid trial assignment.
  5. We'll get back to you with a formal offer or rejection within 2 weeks
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