Keyword and Community Research Specialist

If you love learning about new cutting-edge tools, coming up with creative content ideas, and merging client goals with keyword opportunities, this is the role for you!
As our Keyword and Community Research Specialist at, you'll work with our team and clients to come up with blog post topics based on data from tools like ahrefs, BuzzSumo, and various software engineering communities.
Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn more!What You'll Be Responsible for
  • Joining client meetings to learn what they're looking for
  • Performing keyword research to build topic clusters for clients
  • Performing community research to come up with new blog post topics
  • Working with our team and clients to iterate on topic ideas as needed
  • Documenting and improving our keyword and community research processes
  • Helping create content briefs and outlines from time-to-time
Skills and Experience We're Looking For
Some of these are hard requirements, some are suggestions, and others are just a bonus. If you have at least the minimum required skills, we encourage you to apply!
  • (Requirement) 3+ years keyword research, SEO, and marketing experience
  • (Requirement) Strong English writing and speaking skills
  • Experience working with highly technical terminology (all our clients are developer tools or APIs)
  • Organized approach to content marketing research using tools like ahrefs and BuzzSumo
  • (Nice-to-Have) Familiarity with developer communities on Reddit, Hacker News, etc.
  • (Nice-to-Have) Software engineering, coding bootcamp, or software development experience
  • Flexible hours, location, and (mostly) asynchronous work
  • Regular feedback from our team
  • Work directly with our Account Managers, clients, and CEO
  • Help shape the direction of a quickly-growing small business
Hiring Process
  1. Submit your application.
  2. Complete a short trial task over email.
  3. We'll reach out to schedule a Zoom interview.
  4. We'll get back to you with our decision in <2 weeks.
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