Remote 8-Week Entertainment News Writing Internship!


GoodBadBreaking, formed in January of 2022, is a women-owned and operated entertainment news outlet.Our GBB team is comprised of talented female news producers, editors and writers who were tired of working for the lackadaisical, corporate sites we had been employed by in the past.Sick of the red tape and office politics we decided to roll up our sleeves, merge our 20+ years of experience, and create a company of our own!Love us or hate us, we’re here to produce quality content on our own terms. We take pride in verifying our sources, and reporting on all sides of the story, while trying to pepper in as much fun as we can along the way!
We're setup for success this time around, and we're looking to expand our team of writers!We're currently offering an unpaid 8-week internship opportunity for women who are interesting in learning how to write articles for GoodBadBreaking.During the 8-weeks you'll have the opportunity to grow your writing portfolio, build authority in entertainment news, and learn about the editorial process + news outlet cycle.We want to pass along our knowledge to excited, motivated ladies who are passionate about writing, and are looking to start a career in journalism!
**If you crush during your 8-weeks as a writing intern, you'll unlock opportunities for paid gigs, and a long-term partnership with GBB! Two months goes by a lot quicker than you think - and the pay-off potential is HUGE**
This is 100% remote and the schedule is completely flexible.
  • -WordPress experience preferred.
  • -Previous freelance writing experience a plus, but not required!
Check us out on GoodBadBreaking.comFor more information please send an email to to express your interest!
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