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Content Marketing Lead // Remote

💡A bit about our business
What we do in one line 💬
Flixed helps people decide what they should watch, and where they can watch it.
The problem we're trying to solve 🧩
In the U.S. alone, media and entertainment companies are investing $120B on original content *every year.* With over 200+ streaming services globally, this boom in original content has also been accompanied by market fragmentation and more difficulty in understanding what you should watch, and where you can watch that content.
How we’re currently solving the problem 💡
Flixed produces content to target search terms like “How to Watch [TV Show/Movie/Live Sports Event].” A large percentage of our content production is currently programmatic. This means that we use a combination of data and code to create content pages at scale. Here’s an example of a programmatically generated page. When a user arrives on one of these pages and purchases a streaming subscription, we receive a commission.
Why we’re hiring a Content Marketing Lead 🤔
While automating content production has served us well until now, we know we need to start placing more emphasis on our holistic content strategy. This means directing our content budget, hiring freelance writers to supplement our existing content library, crafting a holistic content marketing strategy, and working with our product teams on the overall Flixed user experience.
👥 The people and environment
The culture you’ll be working in
  • We prioritize deep work and minimize meetings. For more details about this particular element of Flixed culture, please read this blog post.
  • We believe balance fosters creativity. In other words, we believe that the best-performing people are happy, well rested, and well taken care of! You won’t be pinged at odd hours of the night or weekends.
  • For a more detailed breakdown of our culture, check out our Guiding Principles document!
The people you’ll be working with
  • Thenuka - Thenuka is the founder and CEO at Flixed. Prior to Flixed, he was Chief of Staff to the COO at Pango, a consumer cybersecurity company that was backed by Accel and 8VC. Thenuka also enjoys learning Chinese , interviewing people who have charted unconventional life paths, and writing at
  • Alex - Alex runs product and operations. Prior to joining Flixed, Alex was a product manager at Dropbox working on growth and incubating a new product. Outside of Flixed Alex enjoys growing profitable microsites and side projects. Currently he’s creating a cohort-based course for strategic filmmaking.
  • Jessie - Jessie is a Product Manager Intern at Flixed, where she works on launching programmatic pages and streamlining content operations. She can outdrink you in coffee, but aside from doing that, enjoys kayaking, watercolour art, and is a big advocate for women in tech!
  • Bea - Bea is a Frontend Engineer at Flixed, working on programatically generating pages in order to scale and output articles efficiently. Outside of Flixed, Bea enjoys drinking coffee, traveling, and interior designing. Currently, she is creating a grants platform to make federal and provincial grants accessible to all.
  • Jai - Jai is a Product Manager intern working on improving the page value of Flixed’s sports streaming pages. He believes this was the perfect assignment for him as he’s passionate about most sports, including soccer and Formula 1.
  • Gabriel - Gabriel is a full stack engineer at Flixed, where he steers the company’s ReactJS endeavors. Sometimes coding, always singing. You can find some of his projects at
🤓 What you’ll be doing here
Own: what you’ll be responsible for.
  • Lead Strategy: Form an informed opinion on how we should curate and organize our thousands of published editorial and programmatically produced articles into content hubs. Own long-term content strategy, measurement, and roadmap.
  • Content Operations: Take the reins of our editorial content operations and manage an existing team of writers to continuously produce highly relevant articles with high conversion potential.
Assist: what you’ll collaborate on with others.
  • R&D: Work with product managers, engineers, and designers to shape a custom content management system combining the best of human written content, data feeds, and AI generated text.
If the technical part of this sounds intimidating to you, don’t be! This is something that we’re going to teach you, and help you with.
👩🏼‍🚀 Your 12-month roadmap
1 month
  • Get to know the team: We’re hoping to do our second-ever company retreat in May of 2022, so if you join before then we’d love to meet you in person. Before that, you’ll also have plenty of time to meet all of your colleagues and get settled virtually.
  • Build context: You’ll get to know our editor and freelance writing team, as well as the workflows we use for publishing both human and machine-generated content.
  • Draft your strategy: After getting up to speed on people and processes, we’ll lean on you to craft a long-term content strategy. This will include identifying KPIs, setting goals, deciding on how to organize the various types of content we produce, and giving us an idea of the resources you’ll need to execute on your vision.
3 months
  • Create a unified dashboard to track our results: You’ll collaborate with our product team to build a dashboard that makes it easy to visualize and track the results of our content marketing efforts.
  • Scale our content machine: You’ll execute on the strategy you’ve shared with us, helping us increase the output of human-written content. This will likely mean designing new workflows and staffing writers for areas where we need more support.
  • Collaborate with our R&D team: While scaling our human-written content operations, you’ll also do a deep-dive with our R&D team to envision how machine-generated content will be factored into our content strategy. How do combine the best of human-written and AI/machine-generated content?
6 months
  • Refinement and tuning: With a strategy laid out and a higher level of context, we expect that the 6 - 12 month mark will be all about refining foundations and working out the gaps in the system you’ll have built in the first 6 months.
12 months
  • Lead our internationalization and localization efforts: Streaming is a uniquely global phenomenon. While Flixed currently only produces English-language content, we see an opportunity to serve multilingual content and enter Latin America & Europe. At this stage in your role, you’ll work with our leadership team to craft an international content strategy.
💰 Compensation
The full-time compensation range for this role will be in the range of $90,000 to $120,000 USD/annually + 0.7% - 1% equity depending on your experience level. We do not adjust salary based on location if you’re in either the U.S or Canada.
Note: Success is measured in results not time spent. As such, we're open to both part time and full time applicants for this role.
Plus more
  • Health, vision, and dental coverage (for US and Canada based employees)
  • Flexible PTO (we encourage you to take PTO whenever you need it)
  • 2X team retreats per year
  • Learning and development budget ($500/year)
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