Remote Digital Marketing Generalist (Remote)

Umso Software Inc

We're a small, remote team of 3 programmers and generalists building the website builder We're really passionate about building a great product but we're not very good at telling the world about it. That's why we need you!
As a marketing generalist at Umso your main focus will be to help us grow the business. Your job will be to come up with marketing strategies to gain new customers, and to help us communicate with existing customers to understand their needs. Because we're such a small company you will interact closely with our entire team.
Your responsibilities will include:
  • developing our overall marketing strategy
  • planning, creating and analyzing paid advertising
  • writing and editing our own marketing materials
  • interacting with our existing customer community
  • interviewing existing and potential customers
  • non-technical customer support (we all do support)
  • working with freelancers to create marketing graphics
To make communicating with the rest of the team easy, you need to be within the CST, EST or AST timezone which is between UTC-6 and UTC-4. That means your time difference to Toronto should be no more than one hour.
Most importantly, we're looking for someone who excels in written communication. You should be able to convey information effortlessly in a variety of different contexts. You have a high level of empathy and know how your words are perceived by others and how to adjust your level of formality, diction and tone accordingly.
You're a quick learner and are able to come up with creative solutions to new and unfamiliar problems. Our industry evolves very quickly with new tools, trends and technologies coming along all the time. That's why you should also have some technical affinity, to keep up with the tools you'll be using on a daily basis.
You thrive on independence and don't shy away from responsibility. You will be in charge of marketing and while we will discuss the big questions as a team, you will have to lead the effort on a day to day basis. This also means that you have some experience working remotely, ideally at a smaller company. If you thrive in an office environment with hundreds of coworkers then this job might not be for you.
We do not care about your formal education and we don't require any previous online marketing experience. If you love communicating through writing, have lots of empathy, are curious and willing to learn, and work well independently, then please apply, you would be a great addition to our team!
All of us do many different jobs including programming, design, support, accounting, hiring, marketing. If you have any other relevant skills that you can, and want to, apply at Umso, that's always great.
This is a fully remote, full-time (40h / week) position. The salary will be $60,000 - $85,000 CAD. While this is a permanent long-term position, we will have to hire you as a contractor due to the remote nature of our company. That means that we can not offer typical employee benefits such as healthcare or retirement plans.
You will get 20 days of vacation plus local national holidays. We don't mind if you take some time off here and there for appointments, errands, mental health, or, of course if you're sick. You will also be able to set your own hours as long as you have reasonable overlap with the rest of the team.
You'll be working with an awesome and motivated team and have a chance to make a real impact. We do not have any outside stakeholders and are not accountable to any investors, which means that we make our own decisions freely. You will be able to contribute to our decision making process if you want.
We will provide you with any equipment that you might need: New MacBook, Screen, etc.
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