Remote DevOps Engineer


We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to manage our platform infrastructure. This is a ground-zero effort; you will be responsible for
implementing release strategies, environment management and system redundancy. A competent DevOps Engineer is a team player, analyst
and natural problem solver; you will create and document system failure resolution strategies.
What you will do here:
  • Implement system orchestration strategies using several Amazon Web Services
  • Provide compliance between our software tool providers
  • Manage multi-environment deployments
  • Create deployment strategies based on quick iterations and deltas vs production builds
  • Implement release schedules based on proven ci/cd methods
  • Administrate user access management across the environments
  • Support integration of 3rd party tools such as Shopify platform integrations
  • Create fully custom automation notifiers using the AWS platform and company messaging APIs
  • 3+ years experience with DevOps
  • Experience with the concept of Infrastructure as code
  • AWS Centered
  • Docker Experience
  • Understand AWS stacks configuration and deployments
  • Development with NodeJS, Python.
  • Strong leadership, and capacity for decision-making.
  • Previous experience working with ERP environments and Logistics is desirable
  • 15 days PTO (flexible policy outlined in our employee handbook)
  • 12 Public Holiday days
  • 5 days off for Winter Break
  • Continuing Education Benefits
  • English Courses
  • Equipment
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