Remote Weekend Technical Support Hero (For SaaS Company)


Who Are We?
Simplero exists to help people live extraordinary lives and provide them with a platform to do their life’s work without the headache of tech!  
Our easy-to-use platform is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to:
  • Live where they want
  • Work how and when they want
  • Make money the way they want
We’ve helped thousands of customers earn over $110 million in revenue. And though our platform is easy to use, sometimes our customers need support. If that’s something that motivates you, then you’ll thrive in this role
As a member of Simplero's Support team you will:
  • Dazzle Simplero customers with your artful and competent answers.
  • Provide fast and accurate responses to complex technical issues
  • Always have an ear out for what our customers are saying (and NOT saying), and bring the intelligence back to the rest of the team. (Yeah, you're part of an intelligence service.)
  • Write and update content for the Simplero Knowledge Base.
  • Be the face of the company that most of our customers meet. You love giving people a great experience!
  • Write up bug reports so brilliantly that our developers go 'Holy smokes, that's one tasty bug report!!'
  • We can trust you to manage yourself and do great work.
  • You’re patient, empathetic, and enjoy working with customers.
  • You understand online business - terms like landing pages, email lists, lead magnets, automations are not foreign to you.
  • You learn software fast!
  • Experience in a high growth Saas environment preferred
  • You don’t just want to resolve an issue, you want to knock it out the park - totally making the customer's day.
  • Fluent in English. Bonus points for other languages.
  • You're tech savvy - you love learning software! If you struggle with apps and learning technical things - you're going to hate it here.
  • You can work weekends (Saturday and Sunday).  This is a weekends-only position and will stay that way.  Please don’t apply if you can’t work weekends. 
  • You know how to write. Your words and thinking are so beautiful and well-crafted it brings a grown man to tears.
Working Hours
  • Saturday,  Sunday: 9am - 5pm Pacific Time  / 12pm - 8pm Eastern Time
  • Perk if available for other days of the week as well (not required). 
  • Part time to start, roughly 20 hours/week with the possibility to increase depending on job performance
  • US $25/ hr
  • Flexible schedule
  • Fully remote position - you just need a laptop, reliable internet access, and the beverage of your choice
  • Amazing team support and community
  • Full access to Simplero's library of training courses. 
To Apply:
  • Please email your resume to
  • With the subject line '<name> is your next Simplero Support Hero'
  • Please provide us with a short paragraph 1) About how long the Simplero free trial is.  2) Share if you have ever worked remotely. If so, what are 2 perks you like about working remotely. 3) Lastly, tell us how many years of tech support you've had previously and why you are passionate about serving others. 
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