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If you want to join as a remote team member at a profitable, high-growth startup, where you will be a key member of the marketing team, executing campaigns that will ultimately reach 100s of thousands of entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners, while also gaining vast, practical hands-on experience, then this Marketing Project Manager position is THE job for you. 
This is the startup position where you’ll build a killer resume since in 1 year here you’ll learn more than 5 years in a typical role. Not only that, but if you can succeed in this role, we want you to grow with us.
Who we are… 🐶
We’re A video marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses in the face of bigger, better-funded competitors. We do this with the advanced tools in our video marketing & hosting platform. We’re 6 years old 🎂 and growing 50-100% per year. And you’re going to be a part of the team that will add a few zeros to that growth rate. 
This is a rare chance to step into a management role in a startup, where you can grow with us, without all the early pain of getting product market fit, revenue, profitability or fundraising. We’ve already done the hard part, now it is scaling time. 
At a glance… 💪
  • Report to the CEO, a serial entrepreneur, multi-million dollar marketer himself.  
  • You will be executing campaign ideas from the CEO (who doubles as our CMO and face of our brand).  
  • Our shared goal is to scale campaigns that can profitably spend $100k per month on ads. 
  • You’ll be in charge of GSD (getting shit done) in marketing, which means hiring & managing individual contributors (see more below). 
  • You'll be the person accountable for getting campaigns to the finish line. 
  • This job is split between managing (people and projects), as well as getting your hands dirty with putting the pieces together. 
  • Kick ass, and continue to grow with us as we scale, e.g. you will grow in responsibilities.  
What will it be like working at Vidalytics? 💻
Just so you know, this isn’t where you’re given a marketing budget and sent on your way with well wishes. Nor are we a company where we view marketing as a necessary evil that we want to spend as little time or money on. 
We are a marketing-centric company. Our CEO is a marketer. Our product is a video marketing platform. 
Instead, we have a backlog of marketing projects we want to tackle. And our goal is to test as many of them as fast as possible. You’ll be the key player making that happen by orchestrating the marketing team. 
The team members that will be helping you are… 
  • CEO / CMO – That’s ME! I’ll set the strategy and project priority. I’m also the face of the brand. And will help with a variety of marketing projects, as I’m a veteran full-stack digital marketer. 
  • Copywriter – They crank out the words that make it all happen. 
  • Media buyer – Right now we’re running on Meta, but want to get going on YouTube and anywhere else that makes sense. 
  • Video Editor – Pretty clear what they do. (FYI this role is currently vacant).
  • Web Developer – They build out pages, funnels, etc. 
  • Marketing Coordinator / Analyst – this person on the team is setting up things like Zapier, Google Analytics, autoresponders, metrics on conversions, etc. (You may need to help in this area from time to time). 
  • Plus the rest of the tech and product team as needed to help us execute wherever needed, including our Head of Product who has essentially been our Marketing Project Manager in the past.  
Who You Are (Personality Type) 🦁
  • Organized. 
  • Detailed oriented. You get things right, without losing yourself in the weeds. 
  • Biased towards action. 
  • Tech savvy — you’re not afraid of the technical topics of marketing (analytics, tech, split testing, media buying). 
  • Resourceful & self-sufficient – You’re able to figure things out, with minimal instructions. 
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty, even if that means you rolling up your sleeves to do something that isn’t your job. 
  • Math – you’re not afraid of numbers. 
  • You’re hungry for knowledge and like to learn. 
  • You are reliable. You show up when you say you will, and get shit done. 
  • Accountable to deadlines and results. You get results, even when the unexpected arises. 
  • You can take direct honest feedback AND you can give the same.
  • You embody Vidalytics’ values (read more here about Vidalytics’ values, and no these aren’t just things we say to fill up space in our job posts) 
What You’ll Be Doing (Job Tasks) 😃
  • Managing projects – figuring out what needs to happen, who needs to do it and what they need to do it… Then holding people to the schedule. 
  • Own the delivery of funnels & campaigns projects – Building out an agile project for each campaign in ClickUp, with all the tasks, assignments, due dates, assets and dependencies dialled in. Then keep the momentum going! 
  • Review marketing materials from individuals as they come in from teammates as the first line of defence to ensure they’re satisfactory.
  • Understand the big picture of full-stack digital marketing – especially funnels, paid ads, analytics, split testing, etc. When a funnel and all its pieces are described, you know what all the moving pieces are and how they come together. 
  • Analyze data from campaigns, tests and ads to recommend the next priorities in our marketing strategy 
  • Organize our marketing assets – You’ll be in charge of keeping track of our campaign assets, the stats on how they performed and building out a ‘knowledge base’ of campaigns and best practices. 
  • Put the pieces together – help build out the “guts of campaigns and funnels” like analytics, autoresponders, setting up tracking, etc. 
  • Manage various aspects of marketing like possibly social media if we build out a strategy there. 
Bonus if you can also help… 
  • Design tactics and strategies in the area of growth hacking, social media, conversion rate optimization & product-led growth initiatives (these are areas we aren’t capitalizing on). 
We’d Love to Hear From You If (Job Requirements) 👊🏻
  • You can crush the tasks listed above 
  • You’ve done this type of work before and been successful (we will check references) 
  • You have native English ability 
  • You have a bias toward action 
  • You’re detail-oriented
  • You’re VERY organized 
  • You’re in the Americas and able to work during USA business hours
What You’ll Love About Us (Benefits and Perks) 😉
  • Great company culture. You’re going to be part of a team, not a cog in a machine. 
  • We’re here to enable you. It’s your work and your career. Our leadership team is here to help you become who you want to be, not to micromanage you.
  • We value your ideas. At Vidalytics, my door is always open. Need help? Let’s talk! Have a vision for the future of the company? I want to hear it. 
  • Rest and relaxation. Employees enjoy a generous PTO package.
  • Professional development. Want to continue your education? Vidalytics pays for classes, conferences, and more.
  • You’re more than an employee, you’re a person. Every co-worker you’ll meet is committed to treating you with respect and kindness. You won’t hear stuff like, “It’s just business.”
  • This is a resume-making position, where you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of responsibility. You don’t have to wait for someone to die or retire to move up, like in a mega-corp. You’ll grow with us! 
Vidalytics’ Values 
(Yes, We’re Actually Serious About These) 😇
1 -Meritocracy – we’re building a Meritocracy, where the best ideas win -- not based on who has the bigger title. The following values underpin this. You should embody these traits. 
2 -Direct & honest communication (transparency) – to be successful we have to face the truth and be honest. And that starts with each other. That means we give direct feedback. We want it in exchange. So feel free to argue your points, just be ready to get onboard with decisions once they are made. 
3 -Ownership & Accountability – the best people are the ones who OWN their position, tasks and even things that go beyond their 'day-to-day responsibilities'. They never say, “that’s not my job.” Instead, they proactively spot problems and always try to think like the owner of the business. 
4 - Intelligence and smarts – we prize smart people. Who doesn’t? But it's not just book smarts but “business smarts” where you’re able to solve problems. Think for yourself. And don't be intimidated by any problem, no matter how complex. (Aka growth mindset). 
5 - Self-aware (personal growth) – we want people who can look at themselves objectively, admit their mistakes and be open to growth. When you bring this attitude to your profession, it becomes a place of personal development and self-actualization. 
6 - Integrity – trust is the glue that holds us together. We need to be able to trust you whether it is regarding the quality of your hours, the deadlines you set for yourself or anything else. 
7- Urgency – we’re a startup and you need to be able to meet deadlines. We need someone who pushes themselves when they need to and hits deadlines. And also knows how to prioritize the important things. 
8 - Hard working – we’re trying to get shit done on a budget. If you’re looking for an easy job, go elsewhere. Instead, this job will constantly have challenges and opportunities to learn and grow professionally. But we try to have fun while we’re doing it and consider each other friends. 
9 - Data – whenever possible, we want to make decisions based on data, not emotions or opinions. 
10 - No assholes – Doesn’t matter how good someone is at their job, if they are going to make life suck for other people on the team, then they aren’t welcomed at Vidalytics.
Patrick Stiles 
Founder / CEO @ Vidalytics
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