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Visible is on a mission to help startup founders succeed. We’re achieving this by building best-in-class tools for startups and the venture capital investors who back them.
Visible is a profitable, established software startup made up of 13 fully remote teammates across the globe and has been set up this way since Visible was founded in 2015 (we have this whole remote work thing down).

Role Overview:

We are looking for a full-stack, mid-to-senior-level engineer to join our small engineering team and help scale our product to support our next stage of growth. Here is what to expect:
Our stack includes a Ruby on Rails API, PostgreSQL, Redis and Ember.js. We deploy to Heroku and Vercel and use Docker for local development. We have many different challenges that range from implementing product features to DevOps-type work and performance optimization. Other notable tools & frameworks you will be working with include Tailwind CSS, AWS, Mobiledoc, and a lot of 3rd party APIs.
We favor full-stack engineers who have a good understanding of the entire scope of an application, but you don’t need to know both Rails and Ember to apply (however, for this position experience with one of the js frameworks is preferred and Ember experience is a big bonus).
You will work closely with our engineering team, product designer, and CEO, helping guide product direction and execution. Some things you might find yourself working on in the first couple of months:
  • Participate in a cycle where you are actively pitching, shaping, and building product features.
  • Build new and improve existing integrations.
  • Help rebuild our marketing website.
  • Pair with other engineers on the team and our product designer, participate in engineering calls (we do weekly mob programming sessions).

Working at Visible

We empower our people. As long as it is aligned with the company vision, everyone has a lot of liberty in choosing what to work on. We have a combined approach, both data-driven and user-driven. We work hard to create a culture where people ask questions and challenge what is being worked on.
Given that we are distributed, we end up working across multiple time zones and put an emphasis on being able to work asynchronously.
  • We document everything we do in Notion, Slack, and GitHub.
  • We use Slack for daily lightweight stand-ups.
  • We meet virtually as a team 3x per week. This typically includes an all-hands, product standup, and a fun wild card day (we often play codenames or
  • Offsites throughout the year for fun and strategic planning.
We have adopted a modified version of the 'Shape Up' process that fits our business and workflow. It allows us to build a high-quality product, take time to cool down, and not have to worry about looking at roadmaps that will change in the next six weeks anyway.
We have a full-time product designer, but everyone on the team is capable of producing shippable UIs and we really value a good sense of aesthetics.
We care more about quality than quantity. We spend time reducing our code and product debt. We pair whenever it is needed, we test our code, and we code review every line that goes in production. It is a great way to ensure quality and learn from each other.

Qualifications & What We’re Looking For:

The following are all guide rails. Don't feel like you need to neatly check each box. If you love the role, we'd love to hear from you.
  • You have at least 2 years of production experience with Rails/Ruby and/or Ember
  • You are comfortable working with multiple levels of the stack (JS, backend, database)
  • You want to be part of a small, growth-minded team
  • You care about writing clear, well-tested, maintainable code
Bonus points if you
  • Worked on Ember projects before (and enjoyed it)
  • Have experience working with 3rd-party APIs, designing RESTfull APIs
  • Have experience or interest in DevOps
  • Have previous experience building a startup product for scale

Why Choose Visible:

💥Visible Impact: We’re a small yet highly efficient team. This means your work will have a direct and visible impact on the growth of our company.
💵 Ownership: Both in the work you do and equity in the company.
✈️ Flexibility: Fully remote work (able to work within at least 3 hours of US eastern time zone).
💻 Tech: We provide the tools you need to get your job done.
⚕️Benefits: 100% Health, Dental, and Vision coverage + 401(k)
🌴 Team Offsites: Two paid team offsites per year (the last few offsites were in Mexico, Barcelona, and Amsterdam).
📖 Vacation Time:  We all need a break sometimes. Visible employees get unlimited PTO.
🏢 Space: If you’d like to work in a coworking space or upgrade your home office, we’re happy to help.
⭐️ Culture: A team that makes you feel cared for.
  • Annual Salary: $90,000 - $120,000 (USD), depending on experience and location

The Interview Process

We'll review your application. So long as you are thoughtful in your application, we aim to get back to you within one week.
  • Part I: Phone Screen with a team member. We'd love to hear about your development experience but more importantly answer any questions that you have.
  • Part II: A more technical deep dive with one of our senior engineers.
  • Part III: A coding project that will be related to your work. It will take less than a day to compete and we will pay you for your work.
  • Part IV: A final call to chat about the project and get to know the rest of the team.
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