Remote Vibrant Fashion Designer for High-Impact Clothing Line


We are seeking an exceptionally imaginative Fashion Designer with a flair for vibrant and compelling designs. This project is your canvas to express boldness through fashion, crafting clothes that are not just garments, but statements. Your mission is to create a unique line of 8 garments that will captivate and resonate with a fashion-forward audience.
  • Produce 8 original clothing designs.
  • Full design development encompassing:
    • Initial concept sketching
    • Unlimited revisions until perfection
    • Detailed 3D illustrations
    • Comprehensive tech packs for production
    • Creation of a final prototype for each design 
  • Interpreting fashion trends with a distinctive and colorful perspective.
  • Crafting initial design sketches that reflect ingenuity and charisma.
  • Leading the design process from concept through to 3D illustrations and prototyping.
  • Collaborating closely with the production team to ensure the accurate realization of designs.
Skills & Tools
  • Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for design refinement.
  • Expertise in 3D design software, specifically CLO 3D and Marvelous Designer.
  • Experience with Autodesk Maya for creating realistic garment simulations.
  • Strong ability to visualize and construct designs that are both aesthetic and functional.
Success for this project is measured by the creation of 8 exclusive and visually striking garments that distinguish themselves in the market. If you have the creative vision and technical skills to craft a clothing line that embodies these values, we invite you to apply.
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