Remote Social Media Manager

BBE Marketing Inc

We're seeking an experienced and passionate Social Media Manager to spearhead our digital content creation for platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have a knack for turning trending news stories into captivating short videos and have a proven track record of creating viral content, then we want you! We are specifically looking for an expert in making IG Reels and TikToks that use b-roll and voiceovers to tell a story, and make them go viral.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Content Creation & Management: Design, create, and manage high-quality content tailored to each platform's unique audience.
2. Video Production: Develop engaging short videos for social media platforms, utilizing voiceovers, B-roll, and other creative assets to maximize viewer engagement.
3. Content Calendar: Strategize and manage a consistent publishing schedule ensuring relevant content is timely and topical.
4. Engage with the Latest Trends: Stay updated with the latest social media trends and adapt content strategies accordingly.
5. Optimize for Virality: Leverage insights and analytics to understand what makes content shareable and implement strategies to increase virality.
6. Community Engagement: Respond to comments, engage with our community, and build a loyal follower base.
7. Collaborate: Work closely with CEO and research team to align social media content with broader company initiatives.
Requirements:- Proven track record of creating viral content and growing social media audiences.- Expertise in video creation, including but not limited to scripting, shooting, and editing.- Strong understanding of social media analytics and the ability to adjust strategies based on data-driven insights.- Ability to stay updated with industry trends and the changing dynamics of social media platforms.- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.- A creative mind with a passion for storytelling.
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