Remote Hiring a founding engineer for viral AI startup

AI Stealth

Our AI startup has been featured on VICE, New York Times, Futurism, Fox News, and more for disrupting our industry. We are hiring our first engineer!
We still operate in stealth so we aren't able to discuss exactly what we do until you are selected for an interview directly with our CTO, but here is what we can share:
About us
We are a viral startup creating AI tools. We are the biggest AI company in our niche.
Why you should join us
100% remoteYou decide your working hoursComplete ownership of projectsNo micromanaging whatsoeverExciting unsolved engineering problemsYou will build with the CTO daily and directly report to our CEOHuge growth and leadership potential. As engineer #1 of the company, we want you to soon manage a team of engineers and eventually replace our CTO!
Who we are looking for
Top 1% problem solvingTop 1% in learning speed, our CTO will train you directlyDesire to lead a team of engineers in the futureWe are an international team, international applicants are OK!
To summarize we are looking for an extremely talented engineer that can grow into managing a team of engineers and eventually replace our CTO. We are selecting our first engineer with great care because we know this person will eventually lead the entire engineering team and hire more people like himself.
Useful technical skills (not required)
PythonTypescriptChrome extensionsNLPReactDjangoPostgreSQLGCPLLMsGeneral AI understanding
We are looking to hire talent as soon as possible, if you have a strong application expect to hear from us and get an interview with our CTO within a day or two.
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