Freelance Writers – Celebrity & Pop Culture


About Surge 
We’re a digital media technology company with a focus on helping publishers build, brand, and grow their audience and monetization. Our current focus is helping scale content production across multiple verticals.
We are looking for writers who can dedicate 2-4 hour shifts, at least 5 days a week for a fixed number of articles generated each day in the areas of celebrity, entertainment, TV and pop culture. 
1) Solid writing experience especially in social/shareable media in celebrity, entertainment, TV and pop culture – please make sure to include your portfolio when you contact us
2)1-5 years of writing experience in various full-time and freelance positions in the US publishing market
3) Being a native English speaker is a must. Bonus: Bachelor’s degree from a US institution
4) Willingness to be beta testers and partners for the platform, providing feedback and helping grow the product
1) Understanding of SEO, social media marketing and online content promotion
You will be compensated on a per article with a predetermined number of articles expected each week. All content produced will need to be within the guidelines provided. 
To Apply
Please send resume and writing links (at least 3-4) for stories published in celebrity, entertainment, TV and pop culture to Please answer the following questions - applications without responses will not be considered:1) Please briefly describe your background and journey into freelance writing?2) What are your main pain points with the freelance writing world? 
Bonus Questions: 
1) Please describe an issue & solution on a product/process you successfully helped implement in your previous roles?2) As a freelance writer please describe your ideal employer engagement or offering (i.e. what a freelance employer offers to you or helps you do with their solutions)?

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