Customer Success Technician


As a Customer Success Technician, you are responsible for ensuring the highest quality of experience for DNSimple customers.
  • Improve overall customer support processes and document them effectively, allowing all team members to provide consistent support to all customers.
  • Develop software tools and scripts to help improve customer success.
  • Understand problems at a high level to triage accurately, more specifically: 
    • Prioritize identified systems problems based on level of impact on customer happiness (how often they occur, how significant the impact is). 
    • Verify that support requests are distributed across all team members over time. 
    • Ensure that support issues don’t stay unanswered in our system. 
  • Identify system problems that should be addressed through research & development based on incoming support requests and document those issues so that they can be assigned to team members for design and implementation.
  • Gain technical understanding of DNSimple’s systems to help provide high quality support for requests that are assigned to you.
  • Assist the other team members to update internal support documentation and public support documentation to be used when responding to support requests.
  • Coordinate with marketing and sales to deliver optimal account management for high valued customers.
  • Excellent English writing and comprehension. You are expected to write clear prose to communicate with customers and team members alike.
  • Able to analyze data and identify trends using logical data analysis techniques. Experience with data analysis tools is expected.
  • Basic proficiency in software development, ideally with experience developing in Ruby.
  • Previous experience working with a distributed development team.
  • Ability to work independently and maximize time management is expected.
  • Previous experience supporting customer success.
  • Past experience writing knowledge articles is preferred.

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