Senior Full-Stack Ruby on Rails and React Developer


Our mission is to help businesses become the best they can be through our brand experience platform. WebPunch takes companies under our wing and helps showcase their online reputations in the most favorable light. In order to do this, we rely on a team of awesome employees who help us improve client relationships, build a backbone of excellent development, and work together to create an environment that everyone is happy to work in.  We believe that a strong work-life balance is important, and we do everything we can to help our employees enjoy their lives so that they can be a stronger part of making WebPunch even better.
We offer an enterprise solution.  Our business is growing and moving as fast as the Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive!  We have a strong client base (with most of our base in franchising) and a 95% retention rate. We are bootstrapped, profitable, and well-established.  We are looking for someone that can help lead us into our growth phase, join our leadership team, and make decisions about both the business and technology aspects of WebPunch. Could that be you?
About Our Team:
  • Currently, our three developers are senior-level and work remotely. Our daily standup is at 9:00 am MST. 
Specifics About Job/Location:
  • Full-time. We believe in having an enjoyable life and feel it is important to have weekends free. We offer a flexible working schedule. 
  • Our “home” office is in Denver, Colorado. 
Technical Leadership:
The ideal candidate:
  • Has drive and vision
  • Maintains security, site integrity, data compliance, core architecture, and testing. 
  • Has the ability to do a lot of coding and check the code written by other team members. 
  • Launches new product lines.
  • Breaks down development tasks.
  • Communicates with stakeholders.
  • Participates in strategic planning.
  • Suggests ways that technology can help the company be more successful.
  • Evaluates the technical efficiency of the company.
  • Has excellent writing and communication skills.
Required Technical Skills: 
  • Rails, Ruby
  • JavaScript and React
  • Git/Github and Sidekiq
  • Willing to work with an existing code base
  • Test-driven development using RSpec and cucumber
  • Pair programming and code review of pull requests
  • The ability to learn a fairly robust codebase
Tools Used:
  • Heroku
  • React Native for mobile applications
  • Mandrill
  • AWS
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • GSuite
“Being Human” Skills:
  • Ability to be a team player and work with other WebPunch team members who are less technical.
  • Has heart and cares about the business, our clients, and our team.
  • Deadline-driven (we never miss deadlines).
  • Ability to come up with ideas and think of solutions and services.
  • Lack of an ego and doesn’t talk down to others. 
WebPunch Perks:
  • We offer 28 days of paid vacation
  • Time off to celebrate your birthday
  • Unlimited sick days & bereavement 
  • Zestful credits that allow you to get the perks that would mean the most to you (debit card where team members can award you for excellent work. You can apply to a gym membership, travel, daycare, Starbucks, or whatever you want). Available only if you live in the US.
  • Paid internet 
  • Life coach 
  • Monthly massage (because why not?)
  • Credits toward Health Insurance
Come join our team! We need your help!
If this sounds like a perfect fit, let us know a little about yourself: your experience, what types of projects you enjoy, and other things that you are passionate about. We love applicants who are experienced and passionate, and we’re looking forward to finding the perfect person to add to our growing team.  Please know that applicants who only submit a resume will not be considered. This is a long term position. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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