REMOTE Sr DevOps Engineer- Jenkins, Groovy, Kubernetes REQUIRED, Sorry No Visas


Surge Forward is looking for a smart, self-motivated, experienced, senior-level developers to work as a long-term independent contractors. Sorry, No Visas.
Experience Required:
* Strong Jenkins/Groovy experience* Demonstrate Declarative Pipeline Coding experience within the last 2 years* Knowledge with deployment into Kubernetes/OpenShift
Objectives:* Limiting manual actions by automating builds, deliveries and other deployment operations. This limits the risk of human error and allows experts to focus on their product rather than continually investing time in repetitive operations that a machine can do for them.* The rapid availability of feedback offering a good visibility on the potential impacts of changes made to the existing code. Each member of the development teams can then make changes to the existing code base and rely on the automation in place to inform them of the proper integration of their code into the product.* Successfully link source code, deliverables and environments in the overall automation process. Through the promotion of code, deliverables, and processes.* Ensure consistency between the teams code repository and that of the team’s application, across different environments.* Optimize and automate the link between the deployment in production and the master branch of code repository. Problem solving skills:* Identify and report* machine problems (full disk, other…)* network issues* problems related to the build tool (in maintenance, unavailable)* different version of one of the dependencies of our product* reliance on a different version of the code
MUST Be 1 Hour from ET (NYC time) 9 week engagement
Must be located in the US or Canada to be considered for this role. Sorry, No Visas.
Resume must include the tech stack under each job.
For immediate consideration, email resume with tech stacks under jobs, and include your cell phone number and full name to:

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