Marketing Manager



Pixellu, a software company for photographers, is seeking a Marketing Director to lead our marketing department. As a department lead, you will be responsible for evaluating and developing marketing strategies to expand our company’s digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and leads. You will work hand-in-hand with Product Development, UX/UI, Customer Service, and Executive team to bring features and products to market that make our users’ lives better. This is not a “sit in the office and plan” role. This is a role where you will be with the exec team one day, and in the trenches the next. Expect to roll up your sleeves and be in the weeds, doing the work. If you have graduated to the point you are above placing ads, writing copy, deciphering GA, or following up on a PR call, you are not the right candidate.


  • Marketing: You are proficient with digital marketing KPI’s and have a deep understanding of how to use analytics, data, business intelligence, and multivariate testing. You have hands-on experience with growth marketing / growth hacking, landing pages, conversion funnels, viral marketing techniques, content marketing, SEO, PPC, website optimization, and overall customer acquisition deliverables. 
  • Communication: You have mastered the English language (written and verbal). You have excellent interpersonal skills and can persuade, manage conflict, debate, negotiate and conduct meetings. You respond to pressure in a calm and reasonable manner. 
  • Judgment: You make good decisions and take responsibility for them. You can initiate and perform work assignments under minimal supervision that may be broad, varied, and complex in nature. You know how to prioritize and choose the correct course of action from a given set of variables, with limited data, and with limited direction. 
  • Ownership: You think of yourself as an owner and steward of the company. This means you have the ability to make decisions based on what’s good for the long-term success of the organization and its people. You can get big results from small budgets. You have a “We, not Me” mentality. 
  • Management: You have mastered the skills of a manager, including visioning, planning, evaluating, making hard choices, organizing, and building up your team. You can coordinate and juggle a variety of projects from conception through production and ensure alignment with other internal teams. You don’t have an ego and can solicit feedback as well as give direction to others. 


  • Lead and inspire a team of marketers (currently a team of 5 with room to grow)
  • Plan and direct a marketing strategy to drive leads, subscribers, and brand awareness
  • Assess and optimize each marketing channel using data, including top-of-funnel channels like social media and blogging, middle-of-funnel channels like email nurturing, and bottom-of-funnel activities with the sales team
  • Develop pricing strategies and promotions to maximize profits and market share while balancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation
  • Identify marketing KPIs and maintain metrics reports to make data-driven decisions that align with company goals
  • Develop and manage marketing budgets
  • Keep the company up-to-date with market trends and latest marketing tech advancements


  • Bachelor’s degree (in business, marketing, communications, or related field) or equivalent work experience
  • 2+ years in a lead marketing role, preferably with a SaaS software product
  • Direct experience working with common marketing analytics and campaign management platforms (Google Analytics, Intercom, Mailchimp, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, etc)


  • Competitive salary based on experience level and your local cost of living considerations.
  • End-of-the-year monetary bonuses based on seniority, individual performance and role.
  • Co-working space expenses covered up to $100/month.
  • Flex time. Aside from 'required online hours' of 8-11am Pacific Time, work hours are fully flexible.
  • 20 annual days off, with an ability to make up missed days on weekends.


Pixellu is on a mission to develop simple and beautiful solutions for the world of photography. Pixellu was co-founded in 2010 by two wedding photographers. Faced with the challenges of long hours and endless tasks, we began asking ourselves, “How can we save valuable time, make more money, and get our lives back?” Our answer was technology. We started Pixellu with the idea that we could make money by providing an honest service that helped photographers save time and live more fulfilling lives. We believed that, by focusing on a great product and great service, we could build a business that not only does good, but also does well. Armed with industry knowledge and the best crew, Pixellu is on a mission to develop simple and beautiful solutions for the world of photography. Driven by a desire to help fellow photographers, we push the envelope daily to create tools that are intuitive, reliable, and easy to use. We hope to continue to produce great work and delight you with innovative products for many years to come. Today, we are a team of 30 team members spread across 10 countries, serving tens of thousands of photographers in over 100 countries.
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