Operations Manager



Do you want to use your supply chain experience to help Harkla change more lives for those with special needs? 
We’re looking for an experienced Full Time Operations Manager to help us expand our reach globally, while making sure we’re fulfilling every order efficiently and cost-effectively. 
If you are unfamiliar with Harkla, please read about our company, mission, and core values below:
Harkla has one mission: Help families raise happy and healthy children with special needs.
This mission is at the core of everything we do. Every decision is centered around the question of 'how does this help our customers?'
The way we differentiate ourselves from our competition is by always asking, how can we be more helpful? In customer service, our blog, or post-purchase information, we want to be more helpful. 
Harkla's Core Principles:
  • Our customers are at the core of our business. We are helping families raise children with autism, ADHD, and sensory issues. Keep this in mind with every decision.
  • You are responsible for your work. Tell what you are going to do versus asking for permission. 
  • Mistakes are OK. Not extracting lessons and implementing those into future processes is not OK.
  • Lead with questions, not answers.
  • Expect dialogues & debates. We are passionate people trying to do something great.
  • 100% of all energy and resources go to our core focus.
  • We are a systems-based company. Freedom of thought comes from a foundation of discipline.
  • Freedom and responsibility within the framework of a highly developed system. 
Harkla is a highly autonomous, hard working group of people trying to change the world of special needs for the better. This is a great environment for hungry, self-starters who want the ability to learn, grow and make a large social impact. 
This is not a great environment for people who want a comfortable, repeatable, straightforward job and don’t want the responsibility that comes with a flexible, autonomous work position. 
Make sure to look through our product catalog so you are familiar with our company.
This role will be in charge of the operations side of Harkla. This means you’ll be joining the leadership team and working directly under Casey, the founder and CEO. 
  • Maintaining proper inventory levels in every marketplace
  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany/EU
  • Managing lead times so we are only sea shipping products
  • Managing Inventory between Amazon and 3PLs
  • Maximizing Margins via proper storage and allocation
  • Keeping IPI scores high so Amazon doesn’t limit inventory 
  • Learning, optimizing, and automating our software platforms with our fulfillment methods
  • Shopify
  • Amazon FBA
  • OrderDesk
  • 3PLs
  • Wholesale
  • On Shopify
  • On Faire
  • Making sure everything is running “smoothly”
  • Inventory is properly updated
  • Products get added to marketplaces correctly
  • Opening & Managing New Platforms and Marketplace Expansion 
  • Wholesale
  • Expansion into new international markets
  • Working with our sourcing agent to get the best pricing for our products while maintaining our high quality 
  • Working with our sourcing agent to make sure our products are shipping at good prices
  • Working with our 3PL to make sure our fulfillment to customers is cost-efficient
  • Negotiating or changing 3PLs as necessary
  • Creating & updating our quality assurance practices
  • Making sure we have proper Safety Certifications for our products
  • Creating systems to make sure our products are consistently being improved
  • Customer comments/complaints get turned into improvements in the products
  • Helping to lead the long project of becoming a certified B-Corp
  • Customer Support Team
  • Product Development Team
  • Working to:
  • Improve the efficiency of the teams
  • Improve our customers’ experience
A large majority of our Customer Happiness falls into operations:
  • Shipping times & expectations
  • Product Quality 
  • Supporting our Product Developer in their role
  • Keeping product quality to our high standards
  • Customer Service Quality 
  • Supporting our Harkla Happiness Ninjas in their role
  • You have experience with Supply Chain & Inventory Management
  • You are a wizard at Excel / Google Sheets
  • You're extremely detail oriented - triple checking inventory orders, POs, etc.
  • You're extremely organized - tracking inventory around the globe won't be an issue
  • You're excited about making an impact
  • You're interested in learning supply chain deeply, and working towards B-Corp status
  • Asana
  • Google Sheets
  • Shopify
  • OrderDesk
  • Amazon
  • Full-Time Position
  • Starting salary of $45,000
  • Remote Position - Must be located in North America
1) Team Revenue Bonus
After 6 months of being a part of Harkla, team members will split 1% of monthly revenue as a bonus
2) Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, and Paid Holidays
Paid Time Off
After 6 months of employment, all Harkla team members have a minimum of 2 weeks PTO per year. While sick leave is included in PTO, it does not count towards your minimum PTO requirement.
Prior to 6 months, team members have a maximum of 5 days PTO.
Paid Holidays
All team members will get these holidays off:
  • New Year’s Day
  • MLK Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
3) Expenses Covered
All computers, software, and technology expenses within reason will be covered by Harkla. 
All books, courses, and conferences related to your role at Harkla will be covered by Harkla.
WorkSpace Stipend
If you work out of a coworking space, we will cover the expense. If you work from home or coffee shops, we’ll add a $50 per month stipend to cover those related expenses. 
4) Flexible Hours
Team members are expected to work “full time” for Harkla, although hours will not be tracked. All tracking will be on a performance basis.
Projects, deadlines, KPIs, and performance standards will be set to what could reasonably be expected to be accomplished within 40 hours per week. 
The hours you work each day are up to you, but we expect to have large overlaps in hours worked for increased communication and collaboration.
5) Flexible Location
Team members are allowed to work anywhere they would like as long as they spend the majority of their time in North America and stay in a location that is aligned with a U.S. Timezone.
Performance standards will not be lowered for extended travel.
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