Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Inventory Planner

As a senior full stack developer at Inventory Planner, you will be working on a variety of projects from eCommerce integrations and data ingestion to metrics processing and user-facing features.
The way we work
You are free to work from anywhere and choose your own hours. Our team is located in Europe and the US. We expect you to be self-motivated and self-directed, a strong individual contributor and true 'manager of one'. Almost all of our communication happens in writing and while we do sometimes pair program, what we don't do is 'meetings'. It is important that you are a good writer and effective communicator.The stack you’ll use
All of our code lives in a mono repo and all of our backend code is written in PHP. MongoDB is our main database and our frontend is a single-page application written in VueJS. You should feel comfortable exploring and learning new technologies and languages.The work to be done
We have interesting engineering challenges and exciting plans for the future of the product, much of which revolves around processing and finding insights in large data sets.Here are some examples of the type of problems you would work on:Rewrite our Amazon integration from scratchInvestigate metric discrepancies reported by customers and fix them at the root causeWork on making customer segmentation 10,000x fasterInvestigate and fix a race condition in the codeImplement a new user-facing product featureDevelop tooling to surface business insights across many terabytes of dataAbout youYou have a strong track record of shipping great products using PHP and JavaScript. You understand the language in depth. You should also be experienced in NoSQL databases as well as in SQL query optimisation and designing efficient schemas, as that's a big part of our core business logic.
The hiring processThere are a few stages in the hiring process. We know how nerve racking applying for a new job can be and we want to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Stage 1: Initial application & questions — You’ll send your basic info about your experience and skills to If we believe you’d be a good fit based on that initial application, we’ll dive in with a few more questions to learn more about you, what you want out of your career and how we can help you be successful.Stage 2: Interview — You’ll have a technical video interview with someone on the engineering team to talk about your skills and experience and solve some simple coding problems. 
Stage 3: Test Project — You'll have a test project to learn about how you approach problem solving as well as to get a feel for your coding style. They will take up to a few hours to complete.
Stage 4: Second Interview — You’ll then do a final video interview with our CEO to talk about company culture, benefits and the future of the company as well as to answer any questions you have.Stage 5: Job Offer — We’ll make an offer and hope that you’ll join the team!
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