Senior Wordpress Developer | Fast Growing Science Education Company

Generation Genius, Inc.

Generation Genius is a Los Angeles company that creates science & math lessons used by over 1 million students each week: We help kids learn. Now hiring a full-stack wordpress developer to oversee our site. Must have: * WordPress expert/specialist * Advanced proficiency with PHP and MySQL, including modern PHP practices (OOP, autoloading, namespacing, traits, interfaces, etc); * Strong familiarity with JavasScript (vanilla JS, jQuery, ES6, etc). * Experience with Laravel, which we use for data processing. * Experience coding pages from PSD, adding features, working with 3rd party APIs like stripe, maintaining sites, fixing bugs, etc. TIME COMMITMENT:40 hours a week. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Please include link(s) to WordPress sites you have built or work on.  COMPENSATION:  Work from Home Flexible Work Hours $80,000-$120,000 depending on location & experience.
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