Senior Devops Engineer


  • Access to reliable broadband internet; Able to participate in regular voice and video calls over Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Motivation to understand our business and the needs of our users
  • Ability to work in a startup environment where directions and responsibilities can change quickly
  • Self-starter and objective driven; comfortable with ambiguity and willing to work collaboratively on solutions to problems
  • 5+ years working with Linux or Unix operating systems
  • 4+ years working with Kubernetes or containerization technologies
  • Strong experience with building infrastructure as code with tools like Terraform and Packer in cloud environments
  • Experience with building CI/CD pipelines, and preferentially, GitOps deployment methods with tools like ArgoCD
  • Experience with managing ELK stacks and metric reporting (Graphana, Prometheus, etc.)
  • Ability to understand and program in Python, Shell, or other related languages
  • Multiple years of experience debugging complex issues especially with deployments in containers
  • Passion for continued learning and a track record of picking up new technologies and skills
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