User Experience (UX) Designer


Bitovi’s User Experience department is looking for passionate, experienced UX generalists who align with our team values (listed below).
In addition to client work, as a Bitovian you’ll have the opportunity to shape a small and growing company by applying your talent and passion for an area of interest. Bitovi's employees:
Speak at conferences & meetups, Give trainings, Maintain open source projects, Create tutorials, and Write articles.
Job Description
The UX Designer works with clients and on Bitovi teams to ensure each project's success through the UX process.
This position reports to the Director of User Experience. Travel may be required up to 25%.
Key functions and responsibilities
  • Consult and collaborate with stakeholders, Team Leads, and Developers about project status and project needs
  • Utilize metrics, feedback, and UX processes to ensure project success:
    • Perform project research (viability, competitor analysis, defining goals, etc)
    • Writing and conducting surveys
    • Run client and user workshops
    • Stepping through heuristic evaluations and design reviews
    • Work with the client to define and develop project requirements
    • Define the User (user needs, personas, scenarios, etc)
    • Create User Flows (define flow through product, what tasks a user will complete, etc)
    • Create Wireframes / Mockups / Prototypes (interaction design, visualize/layout content, etc)
    • Creating click-through and advanced data-simulation prototypes
    • Develop, schedule, and conduct User Testing (monitored and unmonitored)
    • User Interface (UI) Design, Implementation, and Product Support (structure/style components, support development, responsive design, implement design systems/frameworks, etc.)
    • Collect, interpret, and make recommendations based on project data 
  • Create and maintain project requirements and documentation and present reporting back to stakeholders and teams
  • Output accessible projects where we have the ability, and advocate for accessibility reviews were we are not developing the product
  • Advocate for design systems and style guides to be used on every project
  • Follow UX Department paradigms:
    • Do your best work
    • Make your voice heard
    • Question uncertainty within the project
    • Advocate for the user and promote the best user experience
Role Details/Evaluation Criteria
The UX Designer serves as the primary voice and advocate for the user, solving major UX issues within the product to ensure the product is usable, and increasing the potential for product adoption/increased business value for the product.
Team Values
  • We are Curious: Always in the pursuit of discovery, we want to learn from our clients and their customers. We avoid narrow-minded thinking and predictable, safe ideas.
  • We are Crafts-People: We take pride in our work and are confident in our experience. We always fight the good fight, speaking up to ensure we never compromise quality for our clients and their customers.
  • We are Data-Driven: We believe there is truth in data and allow it to guide our thinking. We’re always transparent when communicating our findings and always document what we've learned.
  • We are Empathetic: We genuinely care about our clients and their customers. We strive to find the intersection between data and emotions. We never operate from a place of ego and never make assumptions.
  • We are Problem Solvers: We are naturally creative people. We take our time to explore every possibility and take the risks that are necessary to set us apart from the rest (to solve the problem).
  • Build strong client relationships, maintaining client trust in yourself, Bitovi, and the visual design and UX processes
  • Define 
  • Advocate for our process to be used and why
  • Advocate for projects to be accessible
  • Make your voice heard on projects
  • Question uncertainty within the project
  • Define recommendations to build superior products
  • Client, peer, and management feedback (communication, collaboration, work ethic, ability)
  • Follows UX process within project timelines in internal and external projects
  • Understand the user and build projects based on user needs and stakeholder requirements
  • Internal and external advocacy for the UX department and its services
To hold this position, you must be a problem solver, adaptable, have a passion for UX, and have a minimum of five years experience in the following:
Technical UX/Product Design experience
  • User experience processes (as noted in Key functions and responsibilities section)
  • Proficiency in current prototyping software (Axure, Balsamiq, etc)
  • Proficiency in current design tools (Figma, Sketch, etc)
  • Eye for detail
Design experience
  • Creating and working from style guides and/or design languages
  • Writing and maintaining clear documentation
  • Strong understanding of:
    • Design principles
    • Color theory
    • Typography
    • Information design
    • UI standards
Other skills
  • Self-motivated – Great on a team or a team of one, in-person or remote
  • Collaborative – Works well with team members and clients
  • Superb verbal and written communication. Able to communicate synchronously or asynchronously and still be clear in their messaging
  • Ability to give clear, insightful presentations
  • Adaptability and willingness to learn new skills, software, etc
  • Organized
  • Approach projects/problems from different perspectives
  • Demonstrates analytical thinking/approach to projects
  • Problem solver, but not afraid to ask for help after trying to find a solution
Work Remotely (in North America) as a UX Consultants
Bitovi helps people and companies create better web applications. We’re a team of 60-ish people made up of UX designers and developers located around the US and Canada.   
We have a track record of designing and building high-profile and amazing web applications through our active Consulting practice.  Our apps are built with style guides, tests, full docs, accessibility considerations, and a deployment process in place.  
Our article, Hello Potential Bitovian sums it up very well (NOTE: The article is more Dev-focused, but a good short read!)
This is a remote, full-time position. Past remote work is preferred.
This role may require travel up to 1 week every 10-12 weeks (post COVID).  Due to travel requirements, at this time we are only accepting candidates in the U.S. who are willing and able to travel. When we start traveling again, we average traveling onsite to our client locations quarterly.
  • Competitive salary and annual performance-based bonuses
  • Company retreats (previously in Boston, Scottsdale, Denver, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Amelia Island)
  • 401(k) plan with matching
  • 4 weeks paid time off
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Work from home
Apply Here
Apply to our posting with the following items. Applications that are missing any of the following details will not be considered.
  • A strong portfolio/case studies demonstrating a passion for elegant and intuitive user interfaces
  • Resume – please just a 1-2 page resume (as opposed to a multi-page story or portfolio)
  • Cover letter – must include:
    • A thoughtful introduction about yourself, including three reasons why you're perfect for this role – Focus on your recent and past work and experience
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