Remote BizOps (Sales/Marketing ops) Craftsman

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Note: This is a startup. We're growing 500%/year and we need someone fairly technical, who can keep our sales-marketing related integrations running, build reports, and be the glue that holds the sales and marketing workflow together. We want to hire someone who has done this before, or has significant experience doing something similar. If you have never worked at a startup, this may not be a good fit. It's fast-paced, and we're building everything from scratch.

About You

You are an owner who comes with strong opinions about the best system to build. You know sales and you know systems. You know how to measure, and create systems that help you continually take yourself out of the process, and put those evolving pieces into the sales system. You are a builder at your core, and love a complex challenge with lots of moving pieces.

What You’ll Do

Own the theory about what ought to be built next.Own all sales and marketing systems, including installation of new software, integrations between the CRM, marketing automation platform, and other business apps, building zaps and reports, and generally maintaining the sales and marketing tech stack and workflow so that it flows smoothly and allows for peak productivity and quality.
Set up sales automations to improve MQL to SQL close rate for form fills, abandoned carts, and other leads. Ensure that every lead is touched according to an SLA, and create the necessary integrations, automations, and supporting reports to facilitate this.Provide actionable insight (to management, and reps) on what impacts sales and what impacts churn.Track performance on a team and individual level.
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