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Time zones: EST (UTC -5), MST (UTC -7), ART (UTC -3), UTC -4, UTC -4:30, UTC -3, UTC -2
I’m looking for help building a website for a new event space. A team would include a web developer and a content writer. 
The concept is a new nightclub in Dubai called CIPHER, an electronic music-oriented venue that we hope will welcome some of the best DJs in the world, names like Afterlife, Charlotte De Witt, Black Coffee etc.
As such, we need a website that fully reflects our brand identity (being worked on in parallel).
The feeling of this space in terms of design can be described as 'elevated minimalist', with dark tones throughout the venue and the use of materials like brass and concrete. 
The visual identity of the website needs to match the vibe of the space.
Some of our inspirations include venues like Input in Barcelona, Berghain and Tresor in Berlin, Printworks in London, The Brooklyn Mirage, Bassiani in Tiblisi etc.
The websites for these venues also have some of the core functionalities we would like, namely the ability to publish events and ticket them to the public. 
Ticketing functionality is key, in UAE dirhams, and with the ability to offer Pre-sale, 1st release, 2nd release and final release tickets, before listing events as ‘sold out’. This can of course be achieved with some external, ready solution. Platinum List is the market leader in the region and would be the best likely integration. 
Every event will have a single piece of conceptual artwork to also be displayed. 
The website needs to be easy to navigate. (the website for Brooklyn Mirage) probably is the most similar to what we require in terms of content, i.e., Events publication (easy-to-use back-end for our team) called ‘What’s On’, Tables, Hire, Info, Merch, Contact Us, Gallery
Under ‘Info’ I would like to have another menu or a page with links like with FAQs, About Us, Jobs, Membership, and Accommodation as the options. 
On ‘Tables’, the user should have a simple form where they can first select the event they are interested in, and then input info such as their name, contact details, number of guests, etc that is sent to an email address used by the reservations team, or use a whatsapp link that connects them to our reservations team directly. They will then come back to them with pricing info. 
‘Hire’ should mimic
‘Merch’ should have a simple Shopify store
‘Contact us’ can mimic
And lastly ‘Gallery’ can again be super simple, like with an easy back-end to upload images (no text content)
We would somewhere also need links to our socials; Instagram, tiktok, facebook, twitter
Certainly lots more to think about, but this is a start. 
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