Remote Head of Documentation


We believe that documentation and developer experience must be treated as our core product. Hence, we are looking for a leader to transform and maintain our product documentation into an experience that we and our customers are proud of.  You will drive the most valuable asset for our customers by creating an engaging, informative, and educational experience across all of our products and services. 
You will
  • In this cross-functional role, you will partner with teams across Labelbox to build the best documentation site on the web and help the next generation of AI teams get up and running with Labelbox
  • Work with engineering and product teams to document new products, features, and APIs
  • Organize documentation and make it easily discoverable
  • Achieve and maintain content quality through rigorous testing and review, as well as curation and performance analysis
  • Push the industry forward by dreaming up and implementing new ways to deliver, author, analyze, and interact with technical content
  • Build tools and processes that make it easy to publish and maintain a high-quality, accurate, and useful documentation
  • Assess documentation success through metrics and qualitative analysis
You have
  • Experience designing, building, and consuming APIs and are proficient in Python language
  • Written product documentation before (you will be asked to share examples)
  • Brings strong written and verbal communication skills with a talent for precise articulations of customer problems
  • 5+ years of product management or head of documentation experience
  • Successfully defined a vision and mission and designed a plan that's delivered throughout the year to achieve your goals
  • Worked with stakeholders across the company to balance competing priorities
  • Delivered with a high level of autonomy and responsibility
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