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We are seeking ONE full-time SEO Content Writer. You will research to identify relevant terms related to major e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. For each key term, you will write descriptive sentences explaining what that term means in the context of e-commerce and an FAQ for each term. Afterward, you will assist with publishing these terms through our Webflow CMS.
Example of what we are looking for:
YOU MUST have these skills:
  • Create SEO-optimized web pages.
  • Must be a self-starter. (You Manage Your Time)
  • Perfect text communication skills.
  • Extreme attention to detail.
What will you do? (You'll be a key player in a small team, shaping how we grow our product and our tech culture.):
  • Researching and writing out SEO-optimized content for our glossary to keep our target audience fully informed.
  • Learn more about the e-commerce industry, specifically for marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • Collaborate with various team members, such as designers and other content writers, to achieve goals within the company.
Required Experience:
  • Proficiency in SEO content writing.
  • Experience with researching industries and learning about them quickly.
  • Strong and quick communication skills.
This is NOT some outsourced job. This is a career where you can grow with us. We're looking for someone who can not only execute but also contribute ideas that will move us forward.
Compensation: We will start at $350-$500/month. We are looking for team members who can scale with our team, and as we grow, YOU will grow. 
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Please share any relevant experience in SEO writing, e-commerce, or other roles that you believe will make you successful in this position.
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