Technical Customer Support


The Role
As a part-time, remote customer support representative, you will have the chance to deliver exceptional support to SegMetrics customers.
SegMetrics is a relatively technical product, allowing companies to track their marketing spend on various channels to determine which have provided the best return on investment.
Currently, the CEO is providing 100% of support to their customers, taking away from his the ability to focus on growing the company in more strategic ways. As part of a close-knit team in a fast-paced, remote-first startup, you’ll play a key role in keeping our current customers happy and meeting the demands of potential and future customers as we move into our next phase of growth.
Within a few weeks, you will be the primary person interacting with customers and making sure things are running as smoothly as possible. You will have two main responsibilities:
  1. Reviewing and responding to tickets
  2. During downtime, updating our documentation to make it easier for customers to find answers before they reach out.
  3. Based on the feedback from the customers, suggesting ways to make the product and support system better.
Your first few weeks
  1. We will create a test account for you so you can start using the product to reproduce issues that customers may have.
  2. Instead of taking weeks to test out the product in isolation, it might be more effective by just starting to work slowly through new tickets and try to resolve them yourself as you implement a test account. The CEO will give you as much direction on resolving the tickets as needed to get you up to speed. You will be able to interact with the customers on day one!
  3. After a few weeks, you will have fewer questions on the more common and simpler questions but still require assistance for the more complicated questions.
  4. As you become faster at answering questions, hopefully, you will have more breathing room to help make the support system better. For example, this could mean updating or writing new documentation at to make answers easier to find.
Other specifics
  • Provide front-line customer support for our community via email, live chat, and other channels.
  • Handle customer requests and questions with an excited, professional and empathetic tone
  • Proactively take on challenges, research information, troubleshoot problems and creatively deliver results.
  • Work closely with our customers and the team to identify and escalate bugs, issues, and user pain points appropriately.
  • Help create and maintain internal and customer-facing documentation.
  • Assist training of customer-facing staff on relevant product features and internal tools and systems.
  • Provide support on additional special projects as needed.
Ideal Experience & Characteristics
  • Previous professional experience in a customer service/support environment.
  • Passionate about creating an amazing customer experience.
  • Technically savvy and can pick up new technology quickly.
  • Strong comfort level and familiarity with marketing, marketing analytics or business intelligence tools.
  • Incredibly organized and detail-oriented, with exceptional critical-thinking and troubleshooting skills.
  • Great writer with a clear, thoughtful and friendly writing style.
  • Self-motivated and accountable, while thriving in a collaborative team.
  • Excellent under pressure and can adapt quickly in a fast-moving startup environment.
  • Work remotely from a home office or co-working space.
  • Be a key member of a small team in a very collaborative environment.
  • We are expecting to pay $20-$25/hr for this role.
  • You will start with approximately 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. As we gain customers and the support demands increase, there will be opportunity for more hours.
Tools We Currently Use
  • Help Scout for customer interaction
  • Notion for internal documentation
  • Our User Guide is written on Help Scout
  • Slack for internal communication

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