Front End React Developer


SixEye is seeking a highly-motivated, front end React developer to join its fully remote web application team. The contract is rolling (not fixed length) and is full-time. all, you will be:
  • Fastidious in the design of secure, performant, scalable web applications.
  • Fearless when trying new technologies and techniques.
  • Excited by the development of elegant, reliable, tested code and continuous integration.
Your primary responsibilities will include:
  • Working closely with the team to implement the front end and associated tests for the SixEye web application, built using React with Redux.
  • Taking responsibility for the full development lifecycle of new features.
  • Maintaining the continuous integration & deployment processes for the front end.
  • Ensuring software is easy to maintain, efficient, loosely coupled and adheres to the company's design principles.
You will also:
  • Have 2-3 years' experience working with JavaScript ES6 in a comparable role.
  • Have at least 1 year's experience working with React with Redux.
  • Have a good degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, etc.).
  • Have a thorough understanding of: 
    • Functional programming. 
    • Asynchronous programming patterns in JavaScript. 
    • Web technologies & protocols (HTTPS, HTML, SASS, etc.). 
  • Have experience of: 
    • Developing JavaScript applications against RESTful APIs. 
    • Continuous deployment of web clients to cloud infrastructure (we're using AWS). 
    • Integrating with third-party services. 
    • Using Git for version control. 
  • Have excellent technical communication skills in both verbal and written English.
  • Have excellent analytical skills, including the ability to understand and form clear arguments around complex information.
  • Be adept at time management when required to prioritise conflicting tasks.
Technologies:On the front end, we're using Redux with React to implement a web client to interact with our JSON API. We're testing JavaScript with Jest. Deployment is to AWS, using S3 with CloudFront.Our JSON API server is implemented in Ruby on Rails. For the main application we use Codeship for CI and AWS Elastic Beanstalk for continuous deployment to EC2. We also deploy microservices onto AWS Lambda with the Serverless framework.Benefits:
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 33 days paid annual leave (including 8 public holidays observed in the UK, which you may take at any time).
  • Pension contributions matched up to 4% of annual salary.
Why work for us
  • We believe in collaboration to solve problems. Great ideas may come from anyone - your contribution is welcome and encouraged. If people find a better way - we do that.
  • Code is reviewed; engineers review each other's code.
  • Within the Carallon group of companies, many of the team come from a live entertainment background, which fosters a high degree of shared responsibility and effort as deadlines approach.
  • SixEye offers a flexible working environment - there are core hours to facilitate maximum collaboration whilst allowing employees to skew their day early or late as desired. Remote working is the norm.
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