Customer Success Manager - North America


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The Role

We are looking for a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to proactively support Qwilr's enterprise customers. You will be their main point of contact and manage our relationships right from the point of onboarding. Our goal is to have a long and meaningful relationship with all of our customers. We want them to have an excellent time with Qwilr the product, and Qwilr the company.
The day-to-day of this involves:
  • Developing a deep understanding of their needs both from handoff from sales, and through your onboarding and initial training (usually done via video calls)
  • Educating our customers and enabling them to discover the full value Qwilr can bring them
  • Proactively building a relationship with them over time to ensure that they are getting meaningful value from Qwilr
  • Using your understanding of their business and your feel for the relationship to both monitor for churn risks and for expansion opportunities
  • Where expansion opportunities exist you are comfortable to work with their team to grow their account
  • Where churn risks exist you are comfortable working with them through troubleshooting their problems, helping them find additional value and solving their issues where possible
  • You are comfortable using software tools and processes to help monitor and scale this
  • Contributing customer feedback. At Qwilr, the customer’s voice matters and everyone working with customers needs to help funnel that feedback right back into the product
  • As Qwilr's second Customer Success hire, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our founders, our Customer Success Lead, and other important stakeholders like our Sales and Product teams.
This role is remote, and we're looking for someone who can work during U.S. Pacific time. 

About You

  • You have at least 2 years of customer success experience in a SaaS or software company
  • You have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS, and a working knowledge of APIs to be able to discuss technical terms with non-technical people
  • You love working with customers, especially over phone or video
  • You enjoy solving problems and have success stories to share
  • Asking powerful questions that lead you to the heart of the customer's needs is your super power
  • Working in a remote environment is familiar and comfortable to you
  • You are a self-starter, and you're driven and passionate about working in technology
  • You write and speak clearly with empathy, leaving customers feeling heard, engaged, and empowered 
If that's you, come join our global team of ~35 (and growing!).

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