Machine Learning Specialist

Advent Health Partners

The Machine Learning Specialist advances Advent Health Partners’ machine learning strategy.Advent has a number of tools designed to display and gather data. This data has deepermeaning and it is our goal as a company to build a machine learning architecture to maximizethe interpretation of this data in order to develop reliable predictive models
Essential Duties and Responsibilities● Communicate effectively with executive and clinical personnel● Identify trends and relationships in the data used for creating and testing hypotheses.● Mine and analyze structured/unstructured data to create algorithms● Identify information-rich features in large target datasets● Formulate innovative solutions to problems where machine learning is applicable● Collaborate with Principal Scientist, Product Manager, Senior Application Developer andVP Engineering to produce the best possible end product● Recommend a scalable, reliable hardware/software/saas platform● Maintain discussions of proposed features as Github Issues● Tweak and debug in collaboration with peers● Maintain Slack conversations during working hours● Provide work effort estimates to management to assist in setting priorities● Deliver timely work in accordance with estimates● Solve problems as they arise and communicate potential roadblocks to manageexpectations● Adhere strictly to all security policies.
Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)● Advanced Degree in a quantitative field such as Computer Science, Physics, Statistics,or related fields is preferred● 2+ years in machine learning post-doc or professional● Demonstrated experience working with both structured and unstructured data● Demonstrated experience in identifying information-rich features and/or strategies foridentifying information-rich features in large datasets
● Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques (clustering, classification,regression, neural networks, etc.) and their real-world advantages/drawbacks● Strong programming skills in Python and relevant ML libraries such as scikit-lern,TensorFLow and PyTorch.● Experience in using NLP modules within Python● Familiar with OCR modules within Python● Experience in healthcare industry is a plus● Experience in applying core Machine Learning methodologies: Regression, NaiveBayesian classifier, Clustering, Matrix Factorization, k-Nearest Neighbors, NaturalLanguage processing, Decision trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks/ DeepLearning, Convolution Neural Networks● Experience with AWS● Proficient in REST, JSON● Understanding of unit testing● Strong written and verbal communication skills● An experienced grasp of version control, branches and git in particular● Thorough understanding of working in development, staging and productionenvironments● Unix-related skills including installation with apt-get, compiling from source, intermediateshell scripting
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